Giants Acquire Mike Leake

The Giants have been rumored to want Cole Hamels, David Price, and Mike Leake and manage to secure Leake as they make their way towards another post season.

The San Francisco Giants have finally made the move analysts have been expecting for a week by acquiring Mike Leake from the Cincinnati Reds late Thursday night.

Leake, a right handed pitcher, will be joining San Francisco in the midst of a four game winning streak where he has only allowed two runs and is averaging a shade under four hits per game. In fact, Leake has only been charged for a loss once since May 27.

Of course, wins and losses are meaningless so let's look at the important stats. Since June, Leake has only given up more than three runs once and has given up zero three times. His worst game, in terms of hits, was June 8 when he gave up 10 hits but only allowed two runs to come across. His walk counts are low, his strike out rate is solid and he has only given up two home runs in the past two months.

Leake had a rough start of things in April and May which is skewing his numbers considerably but in his last 11 games he's got a 2.59 ERA and 73 innings pitched. He leans heavily on his sinker, which comes in at 92 miles per hour, and his cutter at 91 but can also throw a curve with a knuckle curve grip, a slider, a changeup and a four seam that has reached 94.

Using his sinker, Leake can induce a higher than average number of groundballs which will keep the Giants' infield on their toes and his cutter has exceptional velocity and will add to the groundballs as well.

The Giants were in great need of a pitcher of this caliber to help ensure that their season's success could be maintained the rest of the year. With uncertainties surrounding the quality or ability of certain pitchers on the staff, Leake should provide a solid outing every five games.

In exchange for Leake, the Giants are sending Adam Duvall and RHP Keury Mella to the Reds.

Leake will be a free agent at the conclusion of the 2015 season.

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