The Triumphant Return of Juan Perez

Juan Perez struggled in the majors in 2014 but all signs point to a return of his power and swing.

Juan Perez has been back with the Sacramento River Cats for 15 days and has done a great job of being noticeable. Going into last night's game against the Salt Lake Bees, Perez had hit .339 with three home runs, two triples, five doubles, three stolen bases, nine runs and 11 RBI in 14 games. Last night in Salt Lake City, he added 3 more hits, a run and an RBI to those stats.

Perez was 3 for 3 with a sacrifice bunt that, actually, landed him on second base after a throwing error by Mike Morin and would eventually become a run off of a base clearing double by Kevin Frandsen.

There's no doubt that Perez is eager to return to the bright lights of San Francisco as the Giants attempt another playoff run. In 2014, Perez appeared in 61 games with the major league club and had 31 plate appearances in the post season. His most significant contribution was in Game 5 of the World Series when he hit a two RBI double and helped the Giants win 5-0 against the Royals.

Unfortunately for Perez, his time in the majors was marred by some depressed numbers as he only hit .170/.224/.270 in 109 plate appearances with a strike out percentage of 23%. It would appear, at least in this small sample size of two weeks, that he has found his swing and is again ready to be a competitive force within the organization. At the AAA level, Perez has his SO% down to 17.7%, and is has a SLG of .419 so there is encouragement that his power and swing are aligned once agin.

Considering the depth of the Giants outfield as of late, Perez has a solid chance to be a September callup and, if he continues to slug way in AAA, he'll be a welcome addition to the club as they enter the heat of the pennant race.

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