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Giants Prospect Christian Arroyo named Arizona Fall League Player of the Week

Christian Arroyo, prospect shortstop, has been named to the AFL Fall Star team and is the week three player of the week.

Christian Arroyo is making quite the impression within the Arizona Fall League this year having been named to the Fall Star game as well as the week three Player of the Week. In the past week, Arroyo went 7-for-16 with a home run and 3 RBI. 

Going into Tuesday's match against the Surprise Saguaros, Arroyo was hitting .439 with 3 homeruns (7.3%), 3 walks (7.3%), 9 RBI, and 4 strikeouts (9.7%). The 20 year old righty has an OBP of .476 and a 1.210 OPS. All three of his homeruns have been hit off of right handed pitchers but he still boasts a .385 OBP and .748 OPS against lefties so he is a threat when facing left handed pitchers and should be an every day batter if these splits can translate at other levels.

He is currently ranked second in batting average, hits, total bases and tied for second in runs scored but doesn't rank in the top five in at bats or games played. The Scottsdale Scorpions, the AFL team featuring players from the Giants, Indians, Red Sox, Twins, and Tigers, currently has the best team average in the league by a substantial margin and are one of the top offensive teams in the league.

In Tuesday's game against the Surprise Saguaros, Arroyo, who batted third in the lineup, went 0-4 with three pop ups (1st, 3rd, 6th) and a 3-2 strikeout (8th). He saw a total of five balls, one swinging strike, one check swing strike, and three fouls, In two of his at bats he swung at the first pitch, the third inning being a foul and the sixth inning a popup to center. The Scorpions lost the game to the Saguaros with a final score of 4-0.

Arroyo was drafted by the Giants in the first round of the 2013 draft (25th overall) and played 90 games with the San Jose Giants where he posted a .304/.344/.459 line with 9 homeruns and 42 RBI.

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