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Some Extra Insight on Giants Draftee Bryan Reynolds

What has Bryan Reynolds been working on in his time at Vanderbilt? What's his approach from each side of the plate? Here's some insight.

Unable to sleep due to MLB Draft excitement, I stumbled across this video from the SEC Network that was shot with Bryan Reynolds talking about hitting. You can watch the video here.

The fascinating part for me was when Reynolds talks about his approach from each side of the plate, because they are essentially the inverse of one another. From the right side he tries to pull everything middle in and will go to the opposite field with pitches on the outer half. From the left side his approach is to go oppo first, then pull if necessary, again splitting the plate in half. You can tell that his approach to hitting is just as scouts described: advanced. He knows what he wants to do at the plate, but will work with what the pitcher gives him in a specific at-bat. 

Reynolds was also teammates with current Giant farmhand Tyler Beede at Vanderbilt back in 2014, the same year that the Commodores won their first College World Series title.

According to Baseball America, some scouts believe that Reynolds has the raw power that could translate into 15-20 homers at the big league level. They also rate him as one of the safer picks in the draft class, but say he lacks a high ceiling. 

Lastly, the best part of the video linked above was when Reynolds is asked which pitch he has the most trouble with. Without missing a beat, the switch-hitter says it's the change-up. "They're not fun." So it looks as though he'll be getting a steady diet of change-ups from his coaches in the coming weeks.  

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