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Salem-Keizer Volcanoes Spotlight: Dylan Manwaring

With the season just getting under way up north in Salem-Keizer, we wanted to spotlight one player on that team that has caught our attention. You'll see that there is a pun in the previous sentence before too long.

Dylan Manwaring, son of former San Francisco Giant catcher Kirt Manwaring (1987-96), was drafted in the 9th round of the 2013 draft by the Atlanta Braves. Following three seasons in the Braves system in which he played a total of 93 games and hit just .157, the Braves released him on March 28. The transaction reads: GCL Braves released 3B Dylan Manwaring. Then, on June 13, the following transaction occurred: San Francisco Giants signed free agent C Dylan Manwaring to a minor league contract.

When the Braves drafted him, they wanted him as a third baseman, but some scouts believed that he could be a pitcher or a catcher as well. Manwaring had voiced that he wanted to play every day, so that left the decision down to two. According to Benjamin Chase, he played shortstop in high school and worked out at third base in some of his showcases, but he didn't fit the profile at short, so third was what ended up making sense. 

Also according to Chase, the Braves had started to develop Manwaring as a pitcher last season before the team released him, hitting 97-98 at his peak, but generally sitting between 92-95. Now, he is being converted once again, and there is some work to do. At the plate (per Chase) Manwaring had four different types of swings: one for power, one for contact, another for going to the opposite field, and another when facing lefties. Neither approach led to much success, as Manwaring was hitting .121 and had struck out 25 times in 58 at-bats when his season with the Danville Braves had ended. 

If he can simplify his approach at the plate and hit for a little bit of average, scouts say that he has some power potential. There have been no qualms regarding his arm strength, however, so if he can play well defensively behind the plate, then that should buy him some time to really overhaul his swing and climb up the Giants farm system. 

Still just 21 years-old, Manwaring certainly has some challenges ahead of him, but with his Gold Glove winning father able to teach him some of his tricks, there is still a lot of hope that when it comes to Dylan Manwaring. 

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