Who's Hot, Who's Not

Wow, now "Who's Hot, Who's Not" takes a break and the Giants have gone into slump-mode. Not cool, but despite the Giants' less-than-worthy performance over the past three weeks, some players have been performing. Other players can be called on as partially responsible for the fact that losses outnumber wins in the month of August – at least right now.


Barry Bonds
Barry has been pretty much unstoppable, even if the Giants haven't. He hit two homers in the Giants' loss, yet the team couldn't capitalize, and we lost anyway. He's also made his fair share of amazing plays in left. Calculate in the age factor, and we're talking defying the odds.

Edgardo Alfonzo
Well, for all the heckling and disappointment, Alfonzo finally shows up. Better late than never. Well, he's the second-hardest man to strike out at the senior level. That we knew. However, he's been coming through offensively, especially in clutch situations, which has actually warranted moving up in the batting order! Wow, let's be impressed and pray he keeps it up.

Kevin Correia
Well, Correia is the Giants' "go-to guy." No joke. He's been up and down about four times, yet he still came out strong on Sunday, on short notice, in place of Giants ace Jason Schmidt. He was in the stretch a lot, but he gave the Giants the six strong innings they needed. He showed the West that being a rookie didn't mean a loss for the Giants and an easy gain for everyone else.


Jerome Williams
Jerome has gone from having a July ERA of under 2 runs per game to an August ERA of approximately 4 and a half runs. Talk about a big difference. Some call it his "rookie jitters," or perhaps just what Foppert went through earlier in the season. Whatever it is, his control just hasn't been there like it was earlier in the summer.

Sidney Ponson
I don't know what it is, but since coming to San Francisco, the big man just hasn't had his control early, and once he's settled down, the damage has already been done. This is a difficult call, considering how excited he was to be pitching for the Giants, but frankly, he just hasn't been as effective for us as he was for Baltimore.

Honorable Mention

Chad Zerbe
Chad has performed admirably since coming off the DL. Sure, he's still had control issues, but overall, he's been effective.

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