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San Francisco Giants Final Arizona Fall League Stats

The Arizona Fall League is now concluded, so we take a quick look at the stat lines that the Giants participants put up this year

There was a nice mix of players representing the orange and black in Arizona over the last month, both players that could potentially see time in the big leagues in 2017 and those that needed some extra game time to stay on their development schedule. Here is how they fared in the Fall League, by the numbers: 

Zambrano C 19 .316 .316 .632 - - 4 -
Garcia C 47 .191 .304 .580 1 12 17 5
Jones INF 63 .302 .380 .809 2 12 16 7
Cole OF 68 .235 .316 .655 2 9 17 8

Zambrano was used as a taxi player, meaning that he only saw the field on certain days of the week. The catching duties were mostly given to Taylor Ward (Angels) and Garcia, who had missed time during the regular season. Zambrano is a depth option for the Giants at this point, and certainly isn't going to be pushing Buster Posey to a corner infield spot. That said, he did have a nice Fall League and could be a solid catcher to have in Sacramento (along with Jeff Arnold) if Trevor Brown gets injured or has a prolonged slump. 

Ryder Jones had a nice season according to the stat line, but the hard part will be finding him a place to play on any sort of a regular basis. That picture gets even murkier as Christian Arroyo continues to develop. If the Giants felt that there was a deal to make and that it would take Joe Panik to make it, that could help alleviate some of the apprehension in making the deal, but Jones hasn't played above Double-A yet and is a career .253 hitter with a .298 OBP. It was a nice month, but not enough to unseat any of the incumbents. 

Hunter Cole could have a path to San Francisco in the near future. If the Giants don't add a left fielder this winter and decide to roll with Mac Williamson/Jarrett Parker, then that opens up a number of possibilities for Cole being brought up once he gets some at-bats in Sacramento. 

Throws IP ERA H Allowed K BB
Mizenko RHP 10.0 7.20 14 6 5
Rogers RHP 8.2 6.23 13 9 2
Stratton RHP 26.0 3.12 29 21 5

Of the three, Stratton easily had the best season and will certainly act as a depth option for the Giants in 2017. If Matt Cain goes down or Albert Suarez proves to be ineffective, there could be a clear path to a spot in the bullpen. My guess is that Ty Blach claims the fifth spot in the rotation, which would push Cain to long relief. Suarez would be first in line to take over either of those spots, but he'll have to remain on point in order to do so. He improved on his walk rate, which is a good sign moving forward. 

I have been a fan of Rogers for a while now, because who doesn't love a pitcher with a funky delivery? It didn't appear to help him much in his limited action, but an offseason of rest and some time this spring to tinker should get him back on the right track. 

Mizenko definitely shouldn't hang his head over this stat line. At the end of a long year it's hard to have your best stuff. Especially when the Fall League brings together some of the best talent from around the minor leagues and you see them on a more consistent basis. Mizenko put up a 4.31 ERA in 54 1/3 innings with Richmond in 2016, so given the small sample and his struggles in Double-A this season, the 7.20 ERA isn't necessarily a surprise. 

Get some rest boys. You've earned it! 

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