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MLB CBA Adjustments That Came in Late Wednesday Night

The big news on Wednesday night was that the owners and the players came to terms on an agreement on a new CBA, ending speculation of a lockout.

Undoubtedly everyone has gone through their favorite beat writer's Twitter feed by now and has seen some of the big news from the new CBA. There will not be a 26th roster spot added throughout the course of the season as some had speculated, the A's are going to be phased out of revenue sharing, the regular season will be starting a bit earlier in 2018 to work in more off-days, and the new qualifying offer system is all kinds of messy. 

Yet late in the evening AP Sports reported that the All-Star game will no longer be for home field advantage in the World Series, which begs the question if the Midsummer Classic even counts any more. The American League won 11 of the 14 All-Star games played under this rule, but didn't hold the same advantage in the World Series as the National League has gone 8-6 since the change in 2003, and the Red Sox have half of the AL's win total. The Giants (3) and Cardinals (2) have also won multiple titles in that same span. Instead of playing for home field advantage, the players will be playing for a "pool of money", which, depending how deep the pool is could be quite a bit of cash. 

The other big news from the AP article is that the minimum number of days for a DL stint is being reduced from 15 to 10, which should see more and more teams using the disabled list for minor injuries that could a player out for a week instead of having them on the 25-man roster in the hope that they can return a day or two before the 15 day limit. 

The Giants have played this game quite a bit in recent years, but now they will be able to give an ailing player a week and a half off and not have a roster spot go unused. 

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