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SF Giants: 17 Reasons They'll Win in '17

Here are 17 reason the San Francisco Giants will be hoisting yet another World Series trophy at the end of 2017.

Spring Training is right around the corner. The bitter end of 2016 is long in the rearview mirror, and fans of the Orange and Black now have their eyes set on the upcoming season. While you wait, here’s seventeen reasons why the San Francisco Giants will win it all in 2017.

  1. They got pretty close last year- With all the injuries, blown saves, and silent bats, the Giants still made playoffs. Granted, it was on the last day of the season, but the orange and black scratched and clawed their way in. They’re fighters- gritty, clutch, and a little lucky. They’ll find a way. 
  1. They’ve done it before- You remember… 2010, 2012, 2014? That whole dynasty thing?
  1. They’re due- All joking aside, this is the longest World Series drought for San Francisco in errr… seven years. THREE YEARS WITH NO RING??? WHAT IS THIS?
  1. The Staff- Bum, Cueto, Samardzija, Moore, Cain/Blach. Yes. The Giants have one of the best rotations in the game, though you might not hear it that much. Two legitimate aces! The right combination of grit, stuff, zest, and determination will lead San Francisco’s hurlers (and in turn the team) to a great season. 
  1. Shark’s Curve- Speaking of Samarjiza, his off-speed offerings will do some good. Returning to the curve will, and already has, proven to be a key to success for Jeff. Featuring another weapon keeps hitters guessing; no more timing fastballs. That’s a good thing- if you’ve ever tried to hit a 96 mile-an-hour ball with movement, it’s very hard. So yeah, thanks Dave Righetti.
  1. Depth in the catching position- Obviously it’s good to have depth. But when it’s behind the plate, that’s even better. With last week’s addition of Nick Hundley, the Giants now have an above average bat on the bench, and Trevor Brown. Brown has proven himself well capable too, so Bruce Bochy has plenty of options behind the dish. Look for Posey to get a few more off-days.
  1. Return of the Power- Last year the Giants hit just 130 home runs. Yes, AT&T is a very pitcher-friendly venue, but that was good for the second worst total home run value in The Bigs, behind only the rebuilding Atlanta Braves. With Posey getting those aforementioned off-days, expect him to regain strength in his lower half. A healthy Pence and Panik, a hot Brandon Belt, and a Brandon Crawford without a dislocated finger will help as well. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Bumgarner too. 
  1. Lots of rest- October baseball has been short-lived or non-existent for the Giants the last three years. In contrast to the bad things that provides for fans, it does give the players a little less wear and tear on their bodies. 
  1. AT&T Park’s Garlic Fries- Actually all food at the yard. If nothing else, we have that. Automatic W. 
  1. Golden Gloves- The Orange and Black brought home the defensive hardware in 2016. Three Gold Gloves proves San Francisco has the D to reclaim the title of World Champions. Look for additional contributions from Span and Pence in the outfield. 
  1. Chemistry- They’ve got it. The guys gel well together. The veterans have been together for a while now, and the rookies have come up through the same farm system. The Giants are a close-knit team; there are no big egos, no bad attitudes, and the players share a common goal.
  1. Fan Power- It’s pretty safe to assume that the Giants will sell out every game this year--again. It’s one thing to sell out, but another to fill the yard every night. Giants fans are pretty good at that. Fans really do impact players, so good turnout will definitely help San Francisco’s record. So buy your tickets… 
  1. Speed- The Giants have become a fairly quick team with the addition of Nunez and Span but guys like Crawford, Panik, Pence, and Belt can steal a bag or two as well. Shoot, even Buster Posey stole 6 bases last year.
  1. Personality- The club has its own originality. They’re a unique group, and we know how valuable that is.
  1. Bruce Bochy- Captain of the ship, he knows what he’s doing. The players respect him, the front office listens to him and he knows how to win.
  1. Open Market- The Giants shelled out to pick up Melancon. It took a while, but the front office has shown they aren’t afraid to pick up what they need. Expect the organization to make any moves necessary to bring the trophy back to The City.

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  1. They’re the Giants- They’re a team of rich history and continued success; a National League powerhouse that has many more dates with destiny. San Francisco has not seen its final World Series title. The franchise has a solid foundation and all the keys to a future full of success. 2017 will be no different. The Giants will do what they do best--compete. And by the look of this year’s team, they’ll be good at it.

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