Let's Break Down That Adam Jones Picture

Baltimore Orioles star Adam Jones robbed his teammate Manny Machado in the U.S./Domincan Republic showdown on Saturday night, which left us with a picture that is literally worth a thousand words. Here are some that some to mind.

Wow. Spectacular. Unbelievable. One of these likely crossed the mind of most baseball fans on Saturday night after Adam Jones' home run saving catch in the World Baseball Classic. There will be breakdowns of the game and that play all over the place in the coming hours, but I wanted to go a different direction. Let's just look at this still frame from the catch. 


The first person that stands out in this picture is the blonde woman that is either literally cheering her face off or yelling in pain preemptively with a baseball screaming towards her. Just to her left is a guy wearing a hat that looks to be in a WWE sleeper hold, with his arm being raised to check and see if he is indeed awake. With the animation coming back to life in his arm, I think he kicks out of this hold. 

Kudos to the guy with the circles on his shirt on the left-hand side of the photo. He's playing it waaaayyy cooler than I would have. 

If you look directly above Adam Jones there is a guy with a do-rag on (1. who knew those still existed and 2. who knew they were still in fashion?) that is holding his American flag and giving the catch his all. Too bad for him that Adam Jones was wearing a glove and wasn't holding a flag or else do-rag guy would have totally had it. 

The guy on the very right in the Yankees cap appears to be taking a selfie of the exact moment that the ball lands in the glove in front of him, but his hands are covered, so it could also just be that he's sharing his popcorn and the blonde is adamantly against anything that's not kettle corn. 

In between Joe American and Yankee popcorn vendor is quite possibly my favorite person in the whole picture besides the screaming blonde. I'm going to call him Samwise Gamgee for the look of befuddled amazement at what is happening directly in front of him, and the fact that he's a dead ringer of Sean Astin. Quick aside: Did you know that Astin has been the voice of Rafael on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles tv show since 2012? Yeah, me either. Get it Samwise! 

Not only was the catch one of the best that we're likely to see all season, but the people surrounding the heroics and the sportsmanship shown from Machado all make this one of the better moments in baseball. 

How would you assess this picture? Who stands out to you? Let us know on our forums, or hit us up on Twitter @SFGiantsonScout!

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