Brett Davis, USA Today

SF Giants: Bryan Reynolds Swing Seems Off

Is the swing path of San Francisco Giants prospect Bryan Reynolds just a bit off?

Expectation are high for one of the best prospects in the organization, Bryan Reynolds, coming into this season as a potential fast-mover through the system after performing across three levels last season. 


While he enjoyed a hot start to the season, Reynolds' bat has been inconsistent where he's batting .225 over his last ten games and is 4-for-his-last-29, which is very surprising considering they are playing in a hitter-friendly environment. But the one big issue that I am most concerned is that his power has been way down in the early going. He has only five doubles, three triples, and only a homer in the first month and a week of the season, totaling to a minisclue 0.106 ISO which is very surprising considering he has solid to above average power in his frame. His walk and strikeout numbers in this early season are average and below average which is what plenty of scouts expect from him. 


Back towards hitting for average, you might think that he's getting played by the BABIP gods but he's actually being slightly benefitted with a .333 mark so far on balls in play. So one month in, before the true heat and grind of the season, I'm asking is there something wrong with Reynolds? I am saying yes there is. 


Looking at videos of him from Baseball Census, the thing that is very obvious and is very alarming about him in the box is his lack of weight shift in his swing which isn't helping his ability to produce consistent hard contact. He varies his load from his leg kick which isn't really helping him to drive baseballs and he doesn't impart a lot of momentum towards his swing, often relying on his wrists to drive the ball. I feel he needs to impart more momentum in his body because he's swinging upright too much. Combine that with his high arcing swing path, and it can cause him to not put the barrel to the ball consistently. I also think he needs to flatten his swing a bit to get the barrel in front more often. Both of these are fixable and I think he has the athleticism to do it.


I am no hitting coach so I might be wrong but after watching thousands of videos of prospects and looking at some that are similar to Reynolds, I think that generating more momentum and flattening his swing can help him drive the ball better and as a result, he should turn around his season and establish himself as a true top prospect.

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