SF Giants: Day Two 2017 MLB Draft Recap

How did the SF Giants do on day two of the MLB Draft?

Some may say that day two is the most crucial part of the draft because it is where the hidden gems are to be found. Based on the recent record by the SF Giants, that idea holds true. Another idea that is true is that unless you work in the draft room of the organization, we'll never know what they are thinking.

This year, the Giants took pitchers on day two. A lot of pitchers. Only 2 of the picks were  position players. And the most interesting part of all is that the Giants picked pitchers from a pretty much unheralded college, rather than sticking it on the big programs. 

First, here's my scouting report on the 3rd round pick, Seth Corry that has first round potential:

"Corry has plus athleticism that gives him plenty of hope to improve massively, although he has little to no projection in his frame. Corry typically sits at around 90-92 MPH with his fastball that has good sink but he can reach as high as 95. The problem is that he struggles to repeat his current release point due to his raw mechanics that has stiffness in his body and he gets too rotational, and that results to current poor fastball command. Corry also feature a cutter with above average potential with plenty of two-plane break. His curveball has plus or better potential, with a big and sharp 1-7 break that will draw plenty of swings and misses once he settles the issue with his fastball command. His changeup actually looks pretty good but still needs refinement. He really needs to improve his control and command which is well below-average currently but if he does, he has the potential of a mid-rotation starter."

I never thought that Corry would be picked by the Giants because he might command a big amount of money to be signed away from BYU but the potential is there. He's uber athletic (playing plenty of sports well) and I have read plenty of Matt Moore comps for him which is pretty fair because both are athletic, hard throwing lefties with raw command and stiff delivery at the time they are drafted. If the Giants think that they can fix his mechanics possibly by make it more loose and have his front foot land on a 45 degree angle, I think that the Giants picked a steal. The subsequent picks after Corry are likely to be underslot deals in order to sign Corry in the range of $800,000-shade under $1,000,000. 

The fourth pick however is not looking like to be an underslot as it is Garrett Cave, a big-armed righty with projection and durability but not a lot of command and played well in the Cape, a prototypical Giants-type of pick. Below's my scouting report:

"Cave got a prototypical pitcher's frame, with nice, even body mass that offers some projection. Cave got an electric fastball, somewhere in the 92-94 MPH and can reach up to 98 MPH in the rotation and in the pen. He can throw it straight, with some run and sink, and he can cut it with late cut but doesn't really have the bite to be a plus offering. Even though he got an ideal and clean arm action, he often struggles to harness his fastball command because he often go east-west in his arm action instead of north-south like Kyle Crick, where his fastball command is very present and gets some downhill plane on the fastball. His hard curveball is an impressive one as it got a late 12-6 dive when flipped right. His changeup really needs work both in terms of command and movement. Plenty say that he's a relief option where his lack of consistent command fits but once he learns to repeat his arm action to a more north-south action and improvement in his changeup or maybe a slider, his ceiling in the rotation is plenty."

I like the Cave selection as it gives the Giants another high-risk, high-reward pick which is very similar last year when they took Matt Krook and Garrett Williams. I think the Giants will give him every chance to start and he's a very good selection in my opinion. I think he'll sign probably close to slot value, either slightly under or over. Big chance he'll sign.

The last guy that I have a clear idea at all is 6th rounder, Sam Houston State center fielder Bryce Johnson. I don't pack up a written scouting report on him but from what I have watched, he got plus or better raw speed and he's very smart in using it, and can steal bases at a high rate. He's a legit contact hitter with little power but he knows his role as a leadoff man for the squad, working counts, bunting, and making contact and utilizing his speed. He's a real nice value pick and he could be a really good pick for them if he continues his good contact skills.  

- Giants' 5th round selection is Jason Bahr, a real fell-good story as he's cut from his team twice until landing in UCF where he pitched well there but the tools are what the Giants want from him, as he's a lanky 6'5" pitcher with projection on his stuff.

Logan Harasta comes from a small school but then again, he's a tall guy that packs 94 MPH in the pen. If he continues to improve on his command and his mechanics, he'll be on his way.

John Gavin is a successful pitcher from Fullerton. Big pitcher (6'6" and somewhere in the lines of 240-250 lbs.) but is more of a control guy than a power pitcher for his size. He comes from a low 3/4 slot with a high-80s to low-90s fastball, solid change and a below-average curveball.

Aaron Phillips is another one of those tall, lanky guys (now you get the point) with a good fastball-slider combo. 

Rob Calabrese has a very good record against college competition but some questions regarding him hitting against better pitching and I'm pretty worried he doesn't get his front leg stiff when swinging, sapping his power.

All in all, the Giants bet on hidden potential, youth, pitching, and plenty of risks, just the way they like it. This might make the Giants draft top-heavy with plenty of highly regarded picks in the 5 out of the top 6 rounds with a lot of unheralded players scattered after. Let's see if the Giants continue to bank on more of these unheralded, tall and lanky pitchers with hidden potential. We shall see in Day 3! That's all for me for now.

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