Put A Sock (Or a Syringe) In It

When you look at your newspaper headlines, what do you see? Certainly not what's happening in the war overseas where so many of our soldiers still are. You see the latest news on scandals involving BALCO and steroids use. What's important, and what's more important? It doesn't seem to matter anymore... The most important is the most controversial, no matter what the issue is.

After a few weeks of silently choosing to ignore the issue of steroid use in baseball, it's finally time to say something... Is Barry Bonds on steroids? I don't know. Are there baseball players on steroids? Perhaps. Are there players who use "safe and effective drugs" that "enhance performance and ability"? Damn straight.

Do I care? No.

The media has engorged itself on this issue... Heck, even our favorite President of the United States has made this a national and political issue to try to boost his campaign. And how have we, as the audience, responded to this baiting? We took it, like the little guppy hanging on the end of a hook, begging for the fisherman's mercy.

Things that were suppose to be kept private were almost exposed to the public. Players were guaranteed privacy of their records and results when they took drug tests. Sure, if there's nothing to hide, then what are they afraid of? It's not the issue of what's there to hide or not... It's the issue of respecting the players' guarantee of privacy. And honestly, do we REALLY need to know which players are on which drugs? What can WE do about it? What good does it do for US?

Absolutely nothing.

Do you want your children to be idolizing a drug user? Of course not... But as the old saying goes: They don't know until you tell them. What the kids idolize and look up to is what they see on TV... The great baseball player, not the great drug user. They enjoy watching Bonds hit another one into McCovey Cove. They want to be like him... They want to be cool, they want to be great... They want to care about their family, to respect the game they love, and to play it to its fullest extent.

Now do we really want to shatter their hopes and dreams by telling them that their role model may be on drugs? This part is up to you.

And does drug use really make a great player out of a third string bencher? Heck no. Bonds was already great. He was blessed with incredible baseball talent that most of us can only dream about. How can a guy get so big throughout his career? Intensive workouts. If we combined intensive workouts and steroids, Bonds would be a walking bulge of muscle. Again, I don't know if he is on steroids, but does it matter? A true baseball fan would only care about how many homeruns Bonds has... How many times he's still making diving catches... How many bases he's still stealing... Not how much he injects into his body.

Bonds isn't human. He's a superhuman... But does that make it impossible for us to see him as a human being? Because if we did, we would respect the fact that he's just a great player, and it wouldn't matter if he is on drugs. All greatness does not root from drugs.

But it's okay... Because you were misled. Steroid use in sports is more important than our country being in a huge deficit. We're buying into what the media is trying to sell us. We want more.

Stop wanting more of what you don't know, and start wanting more of baseball.

Sara Kwan was born in San Francisco and raised in the Bay Area. She currently writes game recaps, other articles, and is the Giant Prophet for SFDugout.com. Any comments or questions about the article, baseball, or the meaning of life can be sent to Sara at kwanchino@alpha-q.net

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