Top Ten Reasons To Stay Positive About This Season

There is much rumbling and grumbling entering the 2004 season. As your Giants head to Spring Training, there is still an unsatisfactory grunt amongst the fans, who may be mad at management, players, or both due to various reasons.

There's always hope, isn't there? As Giant fans, we all hoped for the best this offseason. We hoped to put another great team on the field, and we hoped that management would manage our money correctly by investing the right amount in the right players.

A lot of us are disappointed. Here in San Francisco, we are so used to winning... So used to having a great team, that our recent dissembling of a team that we loved and thought was great has taken a toll on us in 2004.

However, there are ten important things to keep in mind as we head into the 2004 season that will determine the success of the Giants, and hopefully, spark a light in cynical minds.

10.) As long as Jason Schmidt comes back strong after his elbow surgery (which has been reportedly so), and secures 12-17 wins.

9.) A.J. Pierzynski is a young All-Star who is just heading into his prime. As long as he performs well and puts up decent numbers in the lefty-unfriendly ballpark, he will no doubt be an upgrade over the departed Benito Santiago.

8.) Two words: Barry Bonds. Bonds has a lot to play for this season... Including the homerun record, which he claims to really want, and for his deceased father.

7.) Jerome Williams has to skip the sophomore slump stage and continue to dominate and get better.

6.) Nen or never. Robb Nen will either be in this season, or out for the rest of his career... We're hoping he stays in, of course.

5.) All right, who cares about our lineup?... Look at that beautiful ballpark! No matter what its name is or what you choose to call it, that magical ballpark should give everyone a good feeling.

4.) Edgardo Alfonzo has adjusted well to playing for the Giants, and no matter where Bonds will bat (3rd or 4th), having Alfonzo behind him will give the Giants reassurance.

3.) Ray Durham can't possibly miss more games than he did last season... *knocks on wood*.

2.) The Snakes and the Bums aren't any better off... And the Rockies have fallen off the face of the NL West. The only competition, ironically, will be the new Bark Park attendants.

1.) And if worse comes to worst... Two more words: Midseason acquisition.

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