The Lunatic Fringe vs. Sabeanmatics

After the recent failure of the Giants in a weekend series against the Dodgers, Giants' fans everywhere did one of two things: They either complained, complained, complained, and decided to disregard the rest of this season's Giants' baseball, but to strategize out plans for the 2005 offseason. Or, they're sitting on their hands and whistling away, still believing the team we love and support is still the best in the game no matter what.

Still unsure of what type of fan you are? Or maybe you're wondering which type of fan you SHOULD be. The answer is neither. Simply put, many fans have used this team and this offseason to split themselves down the middle, to try to prove which side is correct, and either, especially the Fringe, are hellbent to see things any other way.

If you are part of the popular Lunatic Fringe, then you are a fan who thinks that management has done everything wrong and nothing right this offseason regarding the Giants. You wanted Vladimir Guerrero. You wanted Gary Sheffield. Heck, you'd even take Greg Maddux. You wanted a big name this offseason, and the Giants weren't able to deliver, and you are furious.

You also think that the players we did get are garbage, or aren't worth the money we are paying them. You think the front office did a horrible job in managing their money in not investing good dollars in decent players, but rather in spending money on players who doesn't deserve that much money or playing time.

You don't think management cares about winning a ring. You don't think management cares about winning, you think all they care about is filling the seats at the ballpark. You may even go as far as thinking that this team is better off with Jose Cruz, Jr. in right field rather than the combination of Michael Tucker and Dustan Mohr.

Big bats and big names arouse you, but little ball, defense, and pitching mean nothing. You don't care about team chemistry, and you don't care about the players as people. You only care about their ability on the field and their ability to hit the ball. The man behind the name means nothing to you.

You hate Neifi Perez because of his hefty contract that only the Giants were dumb enough to sign him to. You hate Tucker, Jason Christiansen, Robb Nen, and are glad that Marvin Bernard is gone for the same reason. Brian Sabean and company can do nothing to please you, and you won't shut up until you see a World Series ring.

Now, do you hate that kind of fan? Do you know a friend or an acquaintance who is exactly like that, and can't stand to have a conversation about the Giants with them? If so, then you, my friend, are a strong supporter of what the Giants' management is doing.

You prefer to sit back and let management do its job. They're the professionals, afterall, and they know more than you. This is their job, their concern, their life... Not yours. Anything you say or do will have no effect whatsoever on what happens to this team. You can only defend the moves made by the front office because everything they do is right.

It doesn't matter if you bleed orange and black or if the Giants is the first thing you think about when you wake up and the last before you drift off to sleep. Whatever Brian Sabean, Ned Coletti, and their team is doing does not concern you. You'll just continue to feed them money by buying season tickets no matter how much they rose the prices, and no matter what boneheaded moves they made in the offseason... Because, frankly, what do you know?

The Giants are losing because of their lack of luck, and it's not the management's fault at all. Giants' management has done everything right to field a good and competitive team. You think they know better, and you choose to let them lead you by the nose in all their decisions and in every player they bring in or take out... Because how can they be wrong? They're professionals.

So, which type of fan do you identify with? Do you hate or love management? And, more importantly, what should you be thinking, or feeling and what do you think should be done to improve this team? Nothing or everything?

The answer is quite simple. You should become neither. Why let this put fans who have different opinions about how the team's being managed on opposite sides? It's the SoCal fans we should be declaring hatred towards, not towards other fellow Giants' fans.

I don't think we should stop questioning some moves by management, but I certainly don't believe we should have a riot outside of SBC Park just because we've been spoiled with too many winning seasons and seeing the team go down like this is painful.

I do think we should relax, sit back, enjoy each other's company and friendly and intelligent conversations about baseball. Get together, watch the game, and continue to support the team we all claim to live and die with. Afterall, you're a Giants' fan, and so am I. We may have different opinions and different ways to go about solving what we deem as problems for this team, but we're both on the same side.

Don't forget... We are both on the same side.

Sara Kwan was born in San Francisco and raised in the Bay Area. She currently writes game recaps, other articles, and is the Giant Prophet for Any comments or questions about the article, baseball, or the meaning of life can be sent to Sara at

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