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Most of us go to the ballpark to see our favorite team, and some go to get away from reality. Others go to soak in the magic that is SBC, or whatever you wish to call it, Park. Whatever your reasons are to attend a Giants' game, chances are you'd buy something to snack on during your three plus hours stay, be it a soda to quench your thirst or the famous garlic fries to satisfy your stomach.

"Hot dog! Get your hot dog!" "Peanuts here, peanuts!" These are just two of many vendors you hear yelling during a game at the park. Most of us probably can't go through an entire game without buying something to eat, and despite knowing the high prices of food we may not enjoy so much, here are the opinions of some fans on a chilly April night at SBC Park about the food they were munching on.

My friend Tim said the nachos were "Fresh, but needs more jalapeno" and my friend Ricardo said the burrito was "Good, but there was only chicken. They need to have beef or something." Having had the nachos myself before, I don't recommend it as a smart food to eat at the ballpark without a napkin. Many napkins.

A fan named Bill who sat in the row in front of me said the pretzel was "Good for $3. It's a little salty, but I like salt." He sure did. He devoured it in the next two minutes, although the size of the pretzel isn't worth $3 in my opinion.

My other friend Kathy commented on her chicken tenders with "Good, I love chicken," and another friend, Nikki, had the honor of tasting the legendary garlic fries. She claimed they were "Really good, and very garlicy." I take that garlicy garlic fries as a good thing. The garlic fries will make your taste buds do a happy dance.

The burgers at the park aren't as impressive. They're quite dry, but if you can manage to stuff the entire thing down your throat, it is filling. However, if you want something with a bun, I'd recommend the hot dog over the burgers.

The cotton candy is pretty looking, and tastes like typical cotton candy. It's a good size for the amount that it's worth, as you usually would get sick off so much sugar, so you'd have to take the rest of the cotton candy home. The ice cream sundaes are delicious, but pricy. However, it's another taste-bud-dancing experience on a warm day if you're willing to spend the money.

As far as beverages are concerned, I'm never one to support the selling of beer at games, but the people next to me seemed to have enjoyed their ten or twenty cups. Non-alcoholic beverages cost an arm and a leg, so I'd recommend bringing two plastic (because glass isn't allowed) bottles of water yourself. However, $5 can get you a decent sized soda in a souvenir cup if you so desire. The lemonade tastes great when you're thirsty, but not so great when you're not.

This is by no means every food item that is sold at the ballpark, but it gives you an idea of what to get, and what's worth your money. I don't think you should attend a game without having garlic fries, so if you're stingy like me, just buy the garlic fries because they are worth it.

So next time you attend a game, after they say "Play ball!" you can say "Bon Appetite!"

Sara Kwan was born in San Francisco and raised in the Bay Area. She currently writes game recaps, other articles, and is the Giant Prophet for Any comments or questions about the article, baseball, or the meaning of life can be sent to Sara

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