June 4-June 7, Colorado Rockies Series

After being on a hot streak, the Giants went on the road only to be welcomed by a losing series in Arizona. Now bringing their struggling pitching staff to the best hitters' ballpark in the league, the Giants hope to gain some wins and some confidence before they head into interleague play as they continue their longest roadtrip this season.

The ghost of the April is starting to come back to haunt the Giants in June as their winning streak came to a halt on the first of June. Their pitching staff has been shaky, and their inability to knock runs home became key problems in their recent three out of four games series loss.

Hopefully with the pitcher of the month of May and arguably the best hitter in the league on their side, they'll be able to get back into the tight three team race in the NL West.

In the first game of the series, Jason Schmidt (6-2, 2.57) will take the mound against Joe Kennedy (4-3, 3.53). The last time these two faced, Schmidt got the upper hand against the young lefty. Schmidt has been unstoppable for the Giants, and hopes to continue that. Like every other team, Schmidt shut the Rockies down in his first start against them this season. Todd Helton has had the best success against Schmidt, and he still just has seven hits in twenty-nine at-bats. Against Kennedy, Dustan Mohr has the most success, with six hits in nine at- bats. A.J. Pierzynski has four hits in nine at-bats with two doubles, a triple, and a homerun.

In the next game, it will be Kirk Rueter (2-4, 5.11) against Jason Jennings (4-5, 7.15). Helton has great success against Rueter, with fourteen hits in thirty-seven at-bats, including two roundtrippers. Barry Bonds has eight hits in twenty-one at-bats against Jennings, with two doubles and two homeruns, but six walks. Edgardo Alfonzo also has decent success against Jennings, with five hits in thirteen at-bats.

After that, Dustin Hermanson (1-2, 4.06) will be given the ball against Aaron Cook (1-0, 4.07). Hermanson has had four consecutive no-decisions coming into this start, but has always pitched well enough to give the Giants a chance to win. Hermanson has kept the Rockies under control, with Colorado posting a .211 overall average against him. Helton leads the way again with six hits in sixteen at-bats against Hermanson. Like most of Colorado's starters, Cook has not had much experience against the Giants. Bonds has five hits in nine at-bats, but no homeruns off Cook. Other than Bonds and the injured J.T. Snow, Cook has been effective against the Giants.

In the finale at Colorado and before the start of interleague play, Brett Tomko (1-4, 5.61) is scheduled to start against Jeff Fassero (0- 4, 5.40). Tomko has been struggling as a Giant, but if he looks to bounce back, his best bet would be against the Rockies, even if he's pitching at Coors' Field, because Charles Johnson is the only Rocky with success against him, hitting .316 with six hits in only ninteen at- bats. Bonds has one homerun in his ten hits in thirty at-bats against Fassero, with Alfonzo having seven hits in thirteen at-bats, including four doubles.

Matt Herges (1-2,5.40) has been on and off, like the rest of the Giants' bullpen, in the last few games, but he has been somewhat successful against Colorado in his career, with Helton again being the only threat with four hits in sixteen at-bats. The Rockies' closer, Shawn Chacon (0-2, 6.75), has been good against the Giants, except for Bonds, who has nine hits in twenty at-bats against Chacon.

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