Rewind: Dbacks vs Giants, Game #4

The Giants were hoping to get a three game winning streak from this series against the snakes. San Francisco brought their All-Star pitcher Jason Schmidt to the mound to make that wish come true.

The score remained 0-0 until the snakes managed to make one run in the second inning. Chad Tracy sharply hit the ball to inner left field, getting the first hit of the game. From there Scott Hariston, hit the ball deep left, but a fan interfered, making it a ground ruled double, which made Tracy halt at third base. Tim Olson was walked, which loaded the bases for Robby Hammock. Hammock managed to hit a single but forced Olson out at second. In the mist of all of this, Tracy slipped home, scoring the first run of the game. The score now was at 1-0, D'Backs.

The Diamondbacks held their one run lead until the bottom of the fourth inning. Neifi Perez grounded out from third to first, giving the Giants one out. Giants' outfielder Dustan Mohr followed with a double. While the Diamondbacks pitcher, Casey Fossum was pitching to Edgardo Alfonzo, he threw a wild pitch that the catcher apparently should have caught. With that wild pitch, Mohr was able to steal third. Alfonzo got a single, driving in Mohr. The score lay at 1-1, tie.

The Giants started a rally in the fifth inning. It all started with Marquis Grissom's sharp hit past short, giving him a lead off single. From that Micheal Tucker moved Grissom to third with his single. The Giants now had men on the corners. Jason Schmidt was then up, who quickly filled the bases when he got hit by the bolting pitch. With zero outs, and the bases loaded, Ray Durham hit a two run single up the middle of the field. And with that, the score now read 1-3, Giants. After Durham's hit, the snakes brought a new pitcher in. Perez was next up who was walked. The bases were loaded once again, and this time Mohr was up. Mohr popped out to left, which marked the first out, but it also brought in another run, changing the score once again to 1-4, Giants. Alfonzo was walked, and then Pedro Feliz sharply smacked the ball up center to give him a single, and bring two runs in. Now the Giants had a five run lead. A.J. Piersynski popped out to right, which made the second out of the fifth inning. Grissom then finished the inning by getting forced out.

The Giants got another run in the sixth inning when Micheal Tucker, hit a triple and scored on Luis Terrero's fielding error. The score changed to 1-7, Giants. The inning ended when Alfonzo lined out to third.

Arizona got their next and final hit in the eighth inning when Terrero got a lead off double. From that, Steve Finley grounded out, but paused Terrero to third. Alex Cintron was up who sacrificed to second, bringing a run in, and changing the score to 2-7, Giants. Despite the Diamondback's efforts, the Giants managed to get another run in the seventh from Grissom's home run. The score was now at 2-8.

To finish off the game the Giants collected another home run, form Durham, with the final score being 2-9, Giants.

GAME NOTES: Jason Schmidt threw 127 pitches, and had 10 strikeouts. Ray Durham's homer in the eighth, was his seventh homer of the season.

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