Who's Hot and Who's Not - (07/15/04 – 07/24/04)

The Giants have played a week's worth of baseball to start off the second half of the season. They split a crazy series in Colorado, completed a 2-game sweep of the Diamondbacks on the road, and were swept in two games by the Padres at home, putting them at .500 in the eight days after the All-Star break.


  • J.T. Snow – Snow, who has split time evenly with Pedro Feliz at 1B, has one of the highest on-base percentages (.444) of any Giant in the past week, playing third fiddle to Barry Bonds and Michael Tucker, respectively. Batting third, in front of Bonds, has given J.T. some good pitches to hit, and he's capitalized on the opportunities. He has 4 runs scored to show for his hard work, only one run less than Ray Durham, who has scored 5, and tied with Tucker.

    Also, Snow has continued play standout baseball at 1B, save for a few uncharacteristic misplays early after the break.

  • Brett Tomko – Tomko pitched a 7.1 solid innings against the Diamondbacks, with only one earned run, to give him a 1.23 ERA after one game. Sure, it's only one game, but as this follows the trend started last season and appearing late in the first half, Tomko's strong performance might very well be a sign of bright things to come in the second half.


  • Marquis Grissom – Grissom has been trying to shake off a lingering slump that has been with him since before the break. Since the second half began, his batting average sits at the Mendoza Line--.200. It's not exactly the kind of performance the Giants had been hoping for.

  • Kirk Rueter – Rueter has had back-to-back ‘bad' starts to start off the second half. Sure, he's succeeded in pitching to both sides of the plate, and, true, he says he feels a lot more confident. Yet, both the Rockies and the Padres slaughtered him. Previously a ‘Padre-killer'—now a Padre victim. Tragic indeed.
    The first disheartening at hands of the Rockies was justifiable. The hottest offense in the league lit Woody up for 7 runs, and the Giants could not come back with anything against the former Giant Shawn Estes.

  • Matt Herges – Herges is nice. Too nice. But that's not the problem, at least not right now. The problem is that he can't get hitters out, nor has he been able to get himself out of his own jams. He's turned into something of a headcase over the course of 8 days. That is the most likely conclusion, anyway. Herges is just all nerves, and he hasn't been able to settle down for over a week. That's not what you want to hear about the guy who is your closer—"Yeah, did you hear about that guy? He's the closer who can't close."
    At this point, Herges is a good reliever, but there is still much doubt in the fans' minds about whether or not he's cut out to be the closer. There was a reason that the Dodgers released him in favor of EricGagne a few years ago, and look where we are now. However, what would be even worse than Herges' (lack of) performance over the past week or so would be a bullpen by committee.


  • A.J. Pierzynski – Pierzynski has consistently made solid contact with the ball and has been spraying it about the field. Unfortunately, he has yet to score a run in the second half, and his batting average has dropped, but he continues to drive runners home.

  • Jim Brower – Brower worked 2.2 standout innings after the All-Star break, working in 3 games and getting the job done each time. He has greatly assisted his bullpen-mates and the entire Giants team with his performances thus far.

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