Rewind: Giants vs Reds, Game #1

The Cincinnati Reds came into San Francisco, a struggling club, the pitching lacking and the offense ailing. After moving original starter Dustin Hermanson to the pen, the Giants called up Noah Lowry, who in previous starts had pitched extremely well. Tonight was no exception; the rookie baffled Reds batters for nine innings on route to his first career win and his first shutout.

The Giants hit the Reds pitching often and hard. They scored their first run on the first without a single hit. Ray Durham was hit by a pitch, and then Ricky Ledee walked. JT Snow flied out to move Durham over to third. Durham later scored when Barry Bonds grounded out.

San Francisco added more runs in the bottom of the third. With two out and no one on, Ricky Ledee reached on an error. JT Snow singled. Despite the fact second base was open, the Reds opted to pitch to Bonds, who promptly hit a three-run homer off starter Cory Lidle. Pedro Feliz then ripped a double, and AJ Pierzynski followed with a double of his own. The Giants scored four runs, all unearned.

Meanwhile, young Noah Lowry cruised along. He kept the Reds hitless for six innings. In the top of the sixth with two out, down five runs, Ryan Freel tried to bunt his way on. The crowd cheered lustily when Freel's two-strike bunt attempt rolled foul.

However, in the top of the seventh, D'Angelo Jimenez slapped a hard liner to left field for the Reds' first hit. Sean Casey then hit a tricky grounder to first. It ran under Snow's glove for an error, putting two men on and truly testing the rookie. Lowry then struck out Adam Dunn and Wily Mo Pena and ended the inning by getting Jason LaRue to ground out.

In the bottom of that same frame, the Giants hit Lidle one more time. JT Snow, Barry Bonds, and Pedro Feliz all hit long balls, back-to-back-to-back, the first time since August 2002 when JT Snow and former Giants Reggie Sanders and David Bell did it.

They added yet three more in the bottom of the eighth. It started on Lowry's single, the second for him. Durham then singled too. Ledee then hit into a fielder's choice to put runners on first and third. Snow doubled to score Lowry. Dustan Mohr, who came in as a defensive replacement for Bonds, also doubled to score Ledee and Snow easily.

Come the top of the ninth. Lowry had thrown eight blank innings, and now, the heart of the lineup came to face him, their sole purpose to break up his shutout. Casey flew out, and quickly, Dunn did too. It then came down to the young lefty and Wily Mo Pena. It was a long battle, with Pena seeing nine pitches, but in the end, Lowry threw a changeup to strike out Pena swinging.

Noah Lowry threw nine shutout innings, giving up only three hits and walking two while striking out nine.

Player of the Game: Tonight, there was many an offensive star, but none of those sluggers outshone rookie Noah Lowry. Lowry, who scored more runs than he allowed, threw his first complete game shutout, and anytime anyone does that, they completely and wholly deserve this. Lowry has proved time and time again that this is where he belongs, in the bigs.

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