September 14-16, Milwaukee Brewers Series

After having the luxury of another day off, the Giants continue their hope for a playoff run as they head into Milwaukee for the only series there against the Brewers. The last time these two teams met were in San Francisco in April, and the Giants remember that the Brewers still play hard because they've got nothing to lose.

The Giants are lucky they don't have to face Ben Sheets, who is a likely candidate for the Cy Young this season. However, the Giants are hoping for a sweep and the Brewers won't give in easily as they've shown all season.

The Giants are coming off an encouraging series in Arizona, that included a good combination of good defense and solid pitching, especially from their ace, Jason Schmidt. The Giants have been handling the glove well, which is helping them win games.

They have also been able to keep their offensive numbers up. Barry Bonds is just one jack away from the magical #700, and Deivi Cruz continues swinging the bat well. Edgardo Alfonzo and J.T. Snow have been doing a good job protecting Bonds in the lineup, and Dustan Mohr has also been a nice surprise.

For the series opener, lefty Kirk Rueter (7-11, 5.07) will go for the Giants against Milwaukee's Doug Davis (11-10, 3.59). Rueter has been solid in his last few starts, bouncing back from what is now his worst year. Rueter has held Craig Counsell is a .211 average with a double, but Gary Bennett is 7-17.

Davis has done well against the Giants in limited at-bats, with only Ray Durham who has the extra base hit, a double, against him. Cruz, Alfonzo, Bonds, and Snow all have one hit in less than five at-bats.

In the next game, Brett Tomko (9-6, 4.44) will try to continue his spectacular pitching against Wes Obermueller (5-7, 6.42). Tomko has been the Giants' best starter in the past few weeks, and has decent success against the Brewers. Junior Spivey is just 1-11 against Tomko, but Geoff Jenkins is 6-18.

Against Obermueller, the Giant who has the most hits is Tomko himself, going 2-2. Marquis Grissom, Michael Tucker, and Pedro Feliz all have one hit in three at-bats. Other than that, Obermueller has either not faced the hitter, or he is 0-2 against him.

For the last game of the series, Wayne Franklin (2-1, 6.16) is projected to start against his former team because of the Brewer's lefty-dominated lineup, but rookie Jesse Foppert may get the nod as well. Every Brewer Franklin has faced has only one hit against him, except for Bennett, who is hitless in three at-bats.

For the Brewers, Victor Santos (10-10, 4.69) will make the start. Only Cruz has a hit against Santos, and the rest of the Giants have only faced Santos once or twice without a hit.

Dustin Hermanson (5-6, 4.28) continues to be solid for the Giants, notching twelve saves since he took over as the team's closer. Jenkin is 5-13 against Hermanson with three doubles and a homerun, and Scott Podsednik is 4-7 with a double. Bennett is 3-6, but the rest of the Brewers have not done well against Hermanson, with one hit or less in more than four at-bats.

Dan Kolb (0-3, 2.39) has been solid for the Brewers, and only Feliz has a hit in two at-bats against him. The rest of the Giants are hitless in three or less at-bats.

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