A Message To Our Readers

As we move into the offseason, the writers and publishers of SFDugout.com would like to take this time to address our readers and discuss our plans for the present and the future.

To all our Readers-

We'd like to thank everyone for taking the time to enjoy our site and join us in enjoyment of the San Francisco Giants. Over the past few years, it's been quite a roller coaster ride, and we've all been privileged to witness history of all sorts occur before us.

Now, as the Giants take aim at reaching greater heights next season, we here at SFDugout.com are preparing to make some changes and improve the way that we can inform and entertain you, our readers.

Some changes you've already noticed. Our new page design should make it easier for everyone to navigate our site and find both new articles and browse older ones. Also, our Network partners, The Insiders Network, has recently changed to Scout.com as part of a bold extension of their services. Scout.com is the leading network of team-specific news and information outlets, and we here at SFDugout.com are proud to be a part of the Scout.com network. With the new site design and this partnership, it will be as easy for our readers to find information on all of baseball as detailed and insightful as our coverage of the Giants.

Other changes to our site will become apparent soon. We are preparing to significantly increase our content, and starting this week, we will begin a regular schedule for our updates. Every Monday, we will continue our regular feature on Giants History. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, we will bring you updates and news from Giants prospects playing in the Arizona Fall League and the various Winter Leagues. On Wednesdays, we will feature a column from one of our many writers, featuring insightful analysis and witty commentary on the Giants and their organization. Fridays will bring you a roundup of the week's rumors, gossip, and information that involve the Giants and their rivals from publications across the country, as well as news on all the transactions that occurred. And on Saturdays, we'll once again bring you columns and editorials from our staff of writers.

And that is just the beginning. In addition to those regular features, we will continue to bring you news on the Giants as it occurs, as well as detailed analysis of the trades and signings that will occur this offseason. We will also bring you hard-hitting and informative interviews with the players, prospects and other members of the Giants organization. And as we move into Spring Training, we plan to increase our content for you so that everyday, you will have plenty to read and enjoy as the campaign for the 2005 World Series begins. And we also plan to offer polls, contests, and other ways for our readers to interact with us.

And with that, we'd like to ask for your help in doing this for you. While we'll keep presenting free content for our readers (which will also be syndicated and available on networks like Yahoo Sports and Fox Sports), the most detailed news, analysis and features will be offered as premium content exclusively for our subscribers. By subscribing to our site, you will be giving us the opportunity to bring you this content with much more ease and ability. Our subscriptions only cost $7.95 at a monthly rate, and discounts are offered for longer subscriptions. By joining with us, you'll be ensured the best information available on the Giants this year.

So, once again, thank you for taking the time to enjoy our site, and we do hope that you will continue to join us as the journey to 2005 begins.

Sara Kwan and Kevin J. Cunningham
Co-Publishers of SFDugout.com

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