Giants Make First Offseason Moves

The Giants made their first key decisions in the offseason, picking up the options on Marquis Grissom, J.T. Snow, Brett Tomko, buying out Jason Christiansen's option, and resiging Deivi Cruz.

By picking up the options of J.T. Snow, Brett Tomko, and Marquis Grissom, and resigning shortstop Deivi Cruz, the Giants offered the first real glimpse of what their offseason direction will be. But several there were several intriguing insights offered into to future of the offseason, as well.

Grissom will earn $2.75 million in 2005, Snow will earn $2 million, and Tomko will make $2.5 million from their options. Cruz’s new contract is a one year deal with a base salary of $800,000, and he can earn up to $300,000 in incentives. Also announced was the Giants’ decision to buyout Jason Christiansen’s contract for $300,000. Christiansen, who would’ve been made $3.25 million, became a free agent with the news.

The moves bring a certain amount of stability to a team that has had a lot of turnover since 2002. In 2003, the team had 4 new position starters, and 2 new rotation starters, and in 2004, the team fielded 3 new position starters and 2 new starters in the rotation. Currently, the Giants may begin 2005 with only 2 players starting who weren’t in last year’s starting lineup, and those two are players who won starting jobs in the middle of the season. However, that doesn’t mean that is how the Giants will go into 2005.

According to the Chronicle, Sabean will continue to put a focus on making Pedro Feliz an everyday player, and looking for the shortstop and center fielders of the future, despite the resignings of Grissom and Cruz. He also indicated that Grissom and Cruz are aware of this, and that Grissom could be moved to right field if a center fielder is acquired. Also, of course, rebuilding the league’s worst bullpen is on the list of top priorities.

Sabean also said that he has spoken to “20-plus teams” to see what their scenarios are, so Giants fans should expect an offseason to have as much to do with trades as free agency, as last year.

The Giants have indicated they are still talking to free agent Dustin Hermanson about returning in his new closer role, and that the team is open to a return by Christiansen under a new contract.

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