This Week in Giants Baseball History,November 8-14

First the sad end to the Giants season, then the sad election, and now the sad 49ers, sad Warriors, and nonexistent (and as a result, sad) Sharks? Let's find some things to be happy about, people!

November 8
Happy (Numbered?) Days: Current (but for how long?) Giants third baseman Edgardo "Fonzi" Alfonzo was born on this date back in 1973, in Santa Teresa, Venezuela.

November 9
Happier Days: Former Giants manager and current Cubbie Dusty Baker was named the National League Manager of the Year for a record third time on this date in 2000.

November 10
A Happy Prelude (THIS Close to Doom): Bob Lurie almost had his way and moved the Giants to St. Petersburg (not Russia, but what's the difference?), but baseball owners voted down the proposed relocation on this date in 1992.

November 11
Unanimously Happy: Not only was the 2002 MVP award, announced on this date two years ago, a unanimous vote, but it was also the record fifth such award for a certain Barry Lamar Bonds.

November 12
Happy He Didn't Go into Acting or Singing: Journeyman pitcher Don Johnson was born on this date back in 1926, in Portland, OR. He pitched in 17 games for the Giants during the 1958 season, Johnson's last as a professional.

November 13
So Happy This Trade Actually Worked Out!: In an apparent act of lunacy, Giants GM Brian Sabean traded away star third baseman Matt Williams to the Cleveland Indians for volatile Julian Tavarez, indifferent Jose Vizcaino, and some chump named Jeff Kent back on this date in 1996. The rest is history.

November 14
Happy He's Running for Someone Else: Author of perhaps the saddest/funniest baserunning blunder in Giants history, former outfielder Ruben Rivera was born on this date back in 1973, in Chorrera, Panama.

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