A Giant's Fan Christmas Wishlist

Dear Sabean Claus, I may be a little too old to really, really believe in Christmas miracles, but I suppose it can't hurt. So, with all due respect, here is this fan's wishlist for this holiday offseason.

1. Moises Alou. Yes, I can find faults with him. He’s got some deficiencies defensively. There’s a legitimate worry about taking him out of that bandbox in Chicago and how well he could hit here. And, after hearing about how he prevents callouses on his hands, I’m not entirely sure I’d want to shake hands with him at a meet’n’greet. And I’m not one of those people that believes that all it’d take to end the endless walks to Barry would be a ‘legitimate bat’ to bat behind him.

But don’t tease us. We’ve all seen the reports about an impending deal with the Giants. So finish it. We may find some faults with him, but he’s a heck of a hitter, and we’d all enjoy that next year.

2. Juan Pierre. Once Alou signs, Pierre would be the ultimate compliment. He’s an excellent defender with a lot of range, and he’s an incredible leadoff hitter. He can get on base with the best of them, and the more runners who can get on base ahead of Barry and Moises, the better. We know the Marlins are shopping him. They can’t afford him when his contract is up next year, and they want more than a compensatory draft pick in return for him. So send them some good prospects (see the rest of the list, though, before doing it) and get Pierre in the French Vanilla!

3. Eric Byrnes. Okay, so I’m not so faithful that I think you can pull miracles out of your cap. So if Pierre can’t be had, why not Eric Byrnes? He’s not the spectacular leadoff man, nor is he the best defender in center field, but he’s a very fine player. The A’s are looking to trade him for mediocre prospects, so the Giants can definitely compete with those bids. But most of all, this kid’s got heart, and he’s a lifelong Giants fan. He wants to play here. And he can. This kid hit the first ever cycle at SBC Park this past year. And his career numbers at SBC Park are spectacular! He’s hit .483/.517/1.034 with 3 doubles, 2 triples, and 3 home runs in 3 years and only 29 at bats when visiting his childhood favorite team. Sure, he won’t do those numbers in an entire season, but he’d be fired up playing for us, and us fans would love him for it!

4. No More SBC. Seriously. This corporation can’t be getting good press from renaming our young stadium. And then, in last year’s media guide, they buy the advertising space on the back cover, and what do they put on there? Ebbets Field! The former home of the Dodgers!!!

This company obviously does not understand the Giants or their fans. Let them go like you did Cody Ransom.

5. Keep Matt Cain, Nate Schierholtz, and Eddy Martinez-Esteve. I know there are still deals to be made, and though the Giants farm system isn’t the deepest around, it has some potential stars and solid players in it. As much as I like guys like David Aardsma, Merkin ‘Snatchwig’ Valdez and Patrick Misch, if their departure can earn the Giants the final piece(s) of the 2005 puzzle, do it. But, this team is going to go into some major rebuilding around 2008, and with the Giants not having a first round pick last year, and not having first, second or third round picks this year, I’d like to keep some of the young talent around to help with the rebuilding. Cain is an ace of the future, and he tore up the minors last year. He could be in the majors before 2007, but him having some experience would be a good thing. Schierholtz is a pure hitter, and a left handed hitter who doesn’t crimple at left handed pitching. Plus, he’s a local kid and a Giants fan, and he’d be as thrilled to play in San Francisco as fans would be to have him, if he keeps hitting like he does. And Martinez-Esteve tore through 4 levels of minor league pitching in only 2 months of professional ball! It may be too soon to tell whether or not he’s the real deal, but I’d like to know before giving him away.

6. Barry Bonds in MVP Baseball 2005. Without me having to edit him in. I know, it’s not under your control, but surely you could convince him to talk with the folks at EA Sports to license his image and likeness for the game. EA Sports could even do a race for the record special feature in the game! Oh, but keep Barry off the cover of the game. Not that I believe in curses (I’m not from either Boston or Chicago), but I’d rather not take the risk.

7. An Atkins diet book, video, and computer program. Not for me…I love my french fries too much. For Jerome Williams. The Giants need him in good shape for 2005 to compete for the championship. But then again, it is the holidays, and he can enjoy it. But make sure it’s delivered on January 2nd. That should be plenty of time before pitchers and catchers report.

8. A restaurant at the park that caters to the average Giants fan. You know, not the ones who need 5 star chefs and fancy sauces and sprinklings on their food. Something for the fans who call a steak a steak, like their meat raw, their potatoes non-Atkins friendly, and who can enjoy a big bar with a lot of good beer, and plenty of space to mingle with other Giant fans. Not that we don’t like the Acme Chophouse. You don’t have to change it. Maybe across the street. I mean, really, do we need a furniture showroom across from a ballyard?

9. Carlos Beltran. Hey, it’s a wishlist. He’s still out there. He’s still unsigned. And he’d be decent enough defensively in centerfield. I mean, we’d have to suffer through his hitting, and no one values players who can hit 40 home runs and steal 40 bases in a single year. Give him some love.

10. A ring. That says “World Champions.” This is a perfect compliment to a ticker tape parade, and a tear inducing 11th win in a single postseason at a renamed-SBC Park.

Hey, I can dream.

Merry Christmas, Baseball fans. Even to the Dodger fans.

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