This Week in Giants Baseball History, 12/27-1/2

Happy New Year, everyone! Here's hoping for a healthy, successful 2005 for the San Francisco Giants.

December 27
The Future Is 23 Today: He of the effective pie thrower delivery, young blue chipper David Aardsma was born today back in 1981, in the burial ground of pitchers, Denver, CO.

December 28
Sid in a Six-for-One: On this date in 1953, former Giants outfielder Sid Gordon was involved in a six-for-one trade, in which Gordon, Sam Jethroe, Max Surkont, Fred Waters, Curt Raydon, and Larry Lasalle were shipped from Milwaukee to Pittsburgh in exchange for Danny O’Connell. This was the first 6-for-1 trade in Major League history, and has been surpassed only by the 7-for-1 trade that brought Vida Blue to San Francisco from Oakland in 1978.

December 29
Another Wrinkle in the Brow: Current Giants bullpen stalwart Jim Brower was born on this date back in 1972, in Edina, MN. Cheers!

December 30
Just Couldn’t Catch On in SF: Current free agent and controversial one-year Giant A.J. Pierzynski was born on this date back in 1976, in Bridgehampton, NY. Let’s hope his mitt and mouth find a new job real soon.

December 31
Like the NHL, Just a Decade Earlier: On this date in 1993, Major League Baseball’s collective bargaining agreement expired, and no new agreement was on the table or the horizon. This eventually led to the 232-day strike of 1994-1995, which, among other things, stalled a bid by Giants third baseman Matt Williams to overtake Roger Maris’ them-record single season mark of 61 home runs.

January 1
Happy 2005! 51 years and counting since the last World Series title!

January 2
Rolls Royce out of the Womb: Former Giant Royce Clayton was born on this date back in 1970, in Burbank, CA.

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