This Week in Giants Baseball History, Jan. 10-16

So now Carlos Beltran will NEVER show up on this column. That's okay; we still have heroes like the ones below.

January 10
A Hero in Los Angeles (No, Really!): In true Hollywood fashion, legendary Giants manager John McGraw prevented a runaway team of horses from trampling two women in Los Angeles, on this date in 1907.

January 11
Not a Night Club, a Baseball Club: The Pacific Coast League came to San Francisco on this date in 1926, as the Vernon, CA franchise was moved to San Francisco and called the Mission Club.

January 12
Saved by Safeway: A group led by Safeway lead man Peter Magowan bought the San Francisco Giants franchise on this day back in 1993. Barry Bonds and Pac Bell Park ensued, replacing a possible future of St. Petersburg and yucky Tropicana Field.

January 13
Big Mitch: Former Giants outfielder Kevin Mitchell was born on this date back in 1962, in sunny San Diego. We loved you, Kev, but damn did trading you to the Seattle Mariners turn out to be worth it.

January 14
We Have a Pirate Outfield!: Newest Giant Moises Alou was drafted second overall on this date back in 1986 by the Pittsburgh Pirates. It only took a few decades for his reunion with Barry Bonds, whom the Pirates drafted sixth overall the previous season. (In case you were wondering, though, the Pirates had nothing to do with Marquis Grissom, who was drafted by Montreal in 1988)

January 15
Bye Bye, Shooter: Former Giants closer and ultimate gamer Rod Beck signed with the Chicago Cubs on this date in 1997.

January 16
Good in Cuba, Not So Good in SF: With much fanfare, the Giants signed Cuban pitcher Osvaldo Fernandez on this date back in 1996. This yacht, however, turned out to be more of an Exxon Osvaldez, as Fernandez lasted only two seasons in San Francisco, comprising a 10-27 record.

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