This Week in Giants Baseball History, Jan.31-Feb.6

Just tell your parents that you're doing your history homework when reading this.

January 31
Two Money Men: Thirteen years ago on this date, Barry Bonds signed the largest single-season contract ever with the Pittsburgh Pirates, at $4.7 million. As fate would have it, also on this date, his godfather Willie Mays signed what was at the time the largest one-year contract, $90,000, with the Giants in 1962.

February 1
Oh My God! They Signed Kenny!: Kenny Lofton signed a one-year deal with the Chicago White Sox on this date in 2002. And while he may have started the season as a good guy from the south side, the latter parts of Lofton's 2002 season were spent sliding home at Pac Bell in orange and black.

February 2
Hey Man, Aren't You Clyde Drexler? No, That's Dressler!!!: Former Giants pitcher Rob Dressler was born on this date back in 1954, in Portland, OR. The nineteenth overall pick by the Giants in 1972, Dressler spent the first two seasons of a five-year career in orange and black.

February 3
Hey Man, Aren't You Civil War General George McClellan? No, That's Paul McClellan!!!: Former Giants pitcher Paul McClellan was born on this date back in 1966, in nearby San Mateo, CA. The sixth overall pick in the secondary phase of the 1986 draft, McClellan spent his entire two-year major league career as a Giant.

February 4
Candlestick in February? What Were They Thinking?!: The Giants officially began operations from Candlestick Park on this date in 1960. Trouble is, office facilities weren't yet complete, so they initially had to work out of a locker room. Did they have parkas back then?

February 5
Brock as in Rock: Former Giants pitcher Chris Brock was born on this date back in 1970, in Orlando, FL. His two seasons in SF (1998-99) might not have been spectacular, but he was a gamer who pitched through pain.

February 6
Ah, Inflation: On this date in 1891, the press leaked the payroll of the New York Giants - $54,600 total, with $5500 of that going to Hall of Famer Buck Ewing.

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