This Week in Giants Baseball History, Feb. 14-20

Spring's just around the corner. The memories below were a couple of intersections ago.

February 14
For the Love of the Game: Dave Dravecky was born on this date back in 1956, in Youngstown, OH. Cancer eventually cost him his pitching arm, and most of us will remember that and his love for baseball forever. Happy 49th, champ!

February 15

41, And Only Five More Stops Until Retirement!: Former Giant and Hall of Famer Gaylord Perry was signed by the Texas Rangers for a second stint on this date in 1980. In addition to the Rangers, Perry would play for four more teams (Yankees, Braves, Mariners, and Royals) before retiring in 1983 at the age of 45.

February 16

Close, But No Hall This Year: On this date back in 1950, no one amassed enough votes from baseball writers to be elected into the Hall of Fame. Giant legends Mel Ott and Bill Terry were the closest, but both fell short. Ott would be voted in the following year, and Terry entered in 1954.

February 17
Down Goes Lasorda!: [note – the author doesn’t condone this sort of behavior, not even towards Dodgers] On this date back in 1980, Giants coach Jim Lefebvre punched out Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda in a Burbank television studio. Lasorda had fired Lefebvre the previous season.

February 18

19-5 in 1997, Traded for Tsuyoshi Shinjo in 2001: Former Giant wunderkind and current Arizona Diamondback Shawn Estes was born on this date back in 1973, in San Bernardino, CA. Good luck filling the Big Unit’s big shoes this year, Shawn!

February 19
The First Run for the Border: New York Giants outfielder Danny Gardella jumped ship and declared his allegiance to the Mexican League – the first major leaguer to do so.

February 20

A Likely Opening Day Starter for the Washington Nationals: Former Giant and current National Livan Hernandez was born on this date back in 1975, in Villa Clara, Cuba. Say what you will about him (indebted to Eric Gregg, etc.), but his considerable appetite includes a lot of innings.

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