This Week in Giants Baseball History Feb 28-Mar. 6

The conspiracy theory edition.

February 28
No Word on Barstow or San Bernardino: On this date back in 1975, former Giants number one pick Dave Kingman took his home run and strikeout prowess to the New York Mets.

March 1
Carwash Watergate: Former Giants darling and current Dodger Jeff Kent broke his thumb back on this date in 2002. Whether it was done while washing his truck (maybe while polishing the longhorns) or motorcycle riding was a hot topic of debate, but the Giants made the Series that year anyway. Let’s get Ray Durham to wash something this year.

March 2
Hot Ott: Hall of Famer Mel Ott was born on this date back in 1909, in Gretna, LA. One of the greatest to ever wear the orange and black, Ott spent his entire 22-year career as a New York Giant.

March 3
Treadmillgate: While with the Houston Astros, current Giant Moises Alou had surgery on his injured left knee on this date in 1999. Apparently he had fallen while trying to adjust his treadmill. Sure, but was he washing it?

March 4
Bob Lurie the Hero: On the verge of having the Labatt bear as their new mascot, the San Francisco Giants were saved from moving to Toronto on this date in 1976, as San Francisco financier Bob Lurie and Arizona cattleman Bud Herseth purchased the franchise from Horace Stoneham for $8 million, and kept the team in the City.

March 5
One-Time Three-Headed Monster: Former Giant Jeffrey Hammonds, he of the Stanford and MohrTuckHammy fame, was born on this date back in 1971, in Plainfield, NJ.

March 6
The Windy City?: Back on this date in 1884, high winds tore off the grandstand roof of the Polo Grounds. No word on King Kong sightings in the area.

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