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One thing that scouts and fans rave about with pitchers is 'stuff.' 'Stuff' is usually translated as a fast fastball, usually that lights guns up with a 9, followed by a number between 5 & 9. So what happens when you bring up a pitcher who barely hits 90, and for good measure, you throw him into his first start against Pedro Martinez and the soon-to-be World Champions?

It is very simple. Noah Lowry has not lost a game as a major league pitcher in over 20 appearances. In over 98 innings. In 14 starts.

It would not be surprising this coming season if he yanked the ball from Mike Matheny’s grasp and barked sternly to the new catcher, “And don’t forget. I never lose.”

But of course Lowry wouldn’t do that. The Pepperdine graduate is humble, affable, and unflappable. After being called up from Double A for a cup of coffee with the Giants in 2003, he has recorded a 3.57 ERA, striking out 77 while walking just 30.

He has out-dueled Pedro Martinez. He has taken a no hitter into the late innings, beating the Reds 11-0 with a shutout on August 3rd. He has pitched under the pressure of a pennant race and performed, matching up against Roy Oswalt and the garrulous David Wells. And he hasn’t yet turned 25.

Lowry looks to flourish in the upcoming season, his first full campaign in the Show. He has been slated as the fourth starter. He will fall under the renowned tutelage of Matheny, and his friendship with Brett Tomko coupled with a genuine gee-whiz humility means he should fit well in the veteran Giants clubhouse.

His most devastating pitch is his changeup, quickly becoming one of the best in the National League. It is so effective, hitters remain out-front even when guessing correctly. He compliments it with a solid curveball that he also uses as an out pitch. And his fastball becomes a blue darter when he sets it up with off-speed deliveries.

Felipe Alou loves Lowry’s steely demeanor. Giants fans love his continued success. The realities of a sophomore campaign await, and the lefthander will most likely hit a few bumps this season, including his first loss. Though the way things have been going for this rising Giants star, you never know.

Tim Denevi is a raving Giants fan who can't decide if he would rather have Mike Aldrete or Marvin Biz-nard pinch-hitting with the game on the line. E-mail him with your opinion on any issue at

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