Giants Acquire Mickey Lopez

The Giants made a late spring move, acquiring Mickey Lopez from the Seattle Mariners for cash considerations.

Mickey Lopez, 31, is an infielder/outfielder and spent most of 2004 with AAA Tacoma in the Mariners organization. He also made his major league debut with the Mariners, going 1 for 4 in 6 games with the Mariners, hitting a double. This spring, he has made three appearances for the Mariners, going 1 for 5 with a double.

Lopez has spent time between AA and AAA since 1997. He hit .286/.369/440 in Tacoma last season, and has a career minor league stat line of .287/.371/.409.

The acquisition of Lopez appears to not have any major impact on the Giants’ major league roster. While Lopez has been a solid AAA player for several years, he has not done anything that would force his way onto a major league roster, especially a Giants roster situation that appears crowded as it is. If anything, Lopez’s acquisition may indicate that the Giants are looking at keeping at least one of the roleplayers who would otherwise be headed back to AAA on the big league roster.

Lopez has the ability to replace any of several players on the bubble, including Tony Torcato, Brian Dallimore, and Lance Niekro.

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