Rewind: Giants At Rockies, Game #1

Coors Field is one of those parks that is larger than life. It's reputation continues to be legendary, and it remains one of the few buildings that can get inside a pitcher's head and stay there for weeks on end. So how did unbeaten (so far) Noah Lowry handle his first game in Denver? Reasonably well, but his teammates gave him the support he needed.

The shirt he got at the end of the game said it all. “I Survived Coors Field.”

Pitcher Noah Lowry wasn’t happy with his performance, but he got the win in a Coors Field special, a 13-6 affair that lifted the Giants after a couple of heartbreaking losses in rival Los Angeles. "The curveball and slider were really inconsistent, and I had to work with my fastball and changeup," said Lowry. "Everybody picked us up and scored a bunch of runs when we needed them."

Lowry was keeping his chin up, though. "Anytime you win you can't complain," said Lowry. "It's those losses that are hard to swallow." Of course, Lowry has yet to lose in the majors, but that’s just the academics of it. Lowry tries to keep the pressure off by never jinxing the streak. "I have lost many times in my life," he said, "but I've been fortunate not to lose up here yet."

Lowry might have felt like he deserved it, giving up 6 runs in 5.2 innings, but he got the win. Compare that to a 6 inning, 2 run effort last Friday, where he got a no-decision, and that’s baseball. This time, however, the bullpen kept the lead he left with, and the offense continued to support him.

Pedro Feliz hit a grand slam in the 4th inning to key the biggest offensive push of the 13 run game. Feliz went 2 for 5 with a career high 5 RBI’s, and now has a team leading 8 in 9 games. Not bad for a guy who’s playing in the usual position of a 4 time running MVP.

Marquis Grissom nearly also had a home run in the 4th before Feliz on a bizarre play that the umpires had to review. His line drive shot hit the top of the wall and bounced straight up in the air, moving slightly towards the field of play. Before it came down, a fan with a glove leaned over the wall to try and catch it, but the ball bounced off his glove and onto the field of play. At first, the umps ruled it a home run, but the Rockies argued the call, and it was rightfully changed to a ground rule double. Grissom would eventually later score on Mike Matheny’s double. And, for good measure, Grissom hit a home run in the 5th that clearly cleared the fence.

There are no known records of people hitting balls off the top of a wall in a season. Grissom’s walkoff 3 run home run against the Rockies last Friday also skipped off the top of the wall.

Grissom’s home run was also a rematch of last Friday’s game winning at bat. Scott Dohmann, who gave up the last home run, was on the mound to start the 5th inning. Before Grissom batted, Dohmann faced Michael Tucker, who hit a game winning home run off him last Saturday. Tucker singled, and scored on Grissom’s home run. Dohmann ended up pitching 2 innings, and gave up 4 runs.

Lowry gave up 3 home runs, but like last Friday’s start, left the game with 2 runners on. And like the last game, Tyler Walker let both those runners score, although the Rockies got lucky in the process. With 2 outs, Walker gave up a grounder that bounced just above his reach. Omar Vizquel came over to second base to field the ball and get a forceout at second to end the inning, but the ball hit second base and skidded away from him.

Luckily, unlike last Friday, Walker stopped the bleeding after the 2 runners scored and the bullpen gave up no runs.

The loss left the Rockies with 7 straight losses after winning their opening game.

The Giants and Rockies go at it again Saturday at 5:00 PM local time. It will be Jason Schmidt facing Joe Kennedy.

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