Rewind: Giants at Rockies, Game #1

Well, if Dustan Mohr was upset over being released by the Giants last offseason, he certainly took out his frustrations on Tuesday. A triple and a home run against the team that unceremoniously cut you goes a long way towards closure.

It’s amazing how much someone with an axe to grind can change a game.

Dustan Mohr may not be talking much about what happened last year when the Giants let him go, but he let his bat talk enough. After missing the first two series between the Colorado Rockies and his former team on the DL, Mohr hit a home run and an RBI triple to put some energy in the Rockies 9-4 victory on Tuesday.

"I think anybody who is playing against an old team gets a little extra excited,” Mohr said after the game.

Manager Clint Hurdle agreed, "He wants to be involved," Rockies manager Clint Hurdle said. "He feels like he wants to carry his load."

Unfortunately, this came at the expense of one of the young players the Giants kept around, starter Noah Lowry. Lowry gave up the Coors hat trick of 3 home runs including Mohr’s, as well as an RBI triple and RBI double en route to giving up the most runs in any outing (7) in his shortest outing of the season (3.2 innings).

"That's frustrating -- this whole stretch has been frustrating," said Lowry. "I'm more frustrated right now about us.”

He’s not the only one, as the Giants lost their third game in a row and 9th in their last 13 games. And the troubles aren’t just with the pitching. Struggling center fielder managed to pick up a hit, but it was only his 8th in 66 at bats since his last visit to Colorado, when he hitting .364.

"I'm still going up there with a lot of confidence, but I'll have to take it one game at a time," said Grissom. "One good week to get hot, get my average back up, that's the way I look at it."

The Giants were also hit by a apparent blown call by first base umpire Lance Diaz that stopped a rally before it could start. With the Giants down 7-4 in the 6th inning, Michael Tucker drew a walk. Ray Durham followed that with a sharply hit ball right at Tucker’s feet. Replays showed Tucker jumping out of the way of the ball, and Diaz initially calling him safe, but after a protest by Colorado first baseman Todd Helton, Diaz changed his ruling. An animated argument ensued, that ended with first base coach Luis Pujols getting ejected.

"I don't know what Luis told him," manager Felipe Alou joked after the game. "He said it in Spanish, so I didn't understand."

When Vizquel followed the controversial play with a single that one might imagine would’ve scored Tucker (Durham went from first the third), one can see how a rally could’ve started. Instead, the Giants went without scoring a run that inning.

There were some bright spots for the Giants. Lance Niekro stayed hot, belting a 2 RBI triple as part of a 3 for 5 day. Ray Durham, coming back from injuries, also stayed hot collecting 2 doubles and coming a few feet from a home run, and Mike Matheny brought his average back above .250 with his own 3 hits in 5 at bats and an RBI.

Finally, the bullpen looked strong, aside from rookie Scott Munter giving up 2 runs. Jim Brower and Matt Herges continued their returns from rough stretches, and rookie Jeremy Accardo put together another scoreless inning in an attempt to not be the player sent down when Jason Schmidt is expected to return next week. Player of the Game: Niekro. The rookie was doing his best to not let the Giants go quietly into the night (easy to not think about nighttime with the glare at first base by the sun in the early Colorado evening). His triple was the only Giant hit with men in scoring position, and he played with a lot of energy the entire game, an energy missing from several veterans these days.

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