Rewind: Giants at Marlins, Game 1

Well, Bay Area native Dontrelle Willis finally pitched a good game against the Giants, allowing just 1 run, and yet he still had a loss hung on him! Noah Lowry outduels one of the best young pitchers in the NL and a newcomer's big hit is all the Giants need for a much needed win against the Marlins.

Can you believe that this last start for Noah Lowry wasn’t as good as the one before it?

That’s hard to believe, as Lowry blanked the Florida Marlins for 7.1 innings and got a win for the Giants. Lowry gave up 4 hits and 3 walks today, compared to his 1 hit and 3 walk outing through 7 innings against Houston on Saturday.

“He's going to be some kind of pitcher,” Manager Felipe Alou said. “He's a fearless man. I was going to say kid, but he's a man. He's going to do things on his own terms.”

Lowry’s second straight scoreless outing was also his 3rd in his last 4 starts, and 4th of 6 since the All-Star break.

"I had four pitches working for strikes," Lowry said. "And I made big pitches when I needed to."

Jeremy Accardo, just called up from Fresno, also made a big pitch when he needed to. After spending the night driving from Fresno to San Francisco, flying to Florida and having to change planes in Dallas, he came in with two runners on and 1 out in the 8th, and facing Miguel Cabrera, and with one pitch induced an inning ending double play. "Running out there, I felt a little nervous," Accardo said. "Noah pitched his rear off, and I didn't want to mess that up… I looked at his numbers before the game even started. He's one of the best hitters in the league. I threw a sinker up there. Let him hit it and see what happens."

Todd Linden, who made the journey with Accardo from Fresno, also contributed with his glove. In the 7th, the Marlins had two on with two out when Damion Easley hit a high pop foul that drifted towards the Marlin’s bullpen. Linden showed off his speed running into foul ground, and just as the fence separating the bullpen from the field slammed into Linden’s ribs, he caught the ball. He teetered on the fence just long enough for the umpire to rule the ball an out before letting himself flip over.

And then there was the offense. With the Giants getting handcuffed by Dontrelle Willis, Randy Winn hit his 2nd home run in 2 games. “He had been getting me out with fastballs all night,” Winn said. “I was able to get one over the plate.” The home run held up as the only run of the game.

Meanwhile, Dontrelle Willis was left with yet another loss against the Giants. A Bay Area native, Willis now has a lifetime 0-3 record against the Giants with an ERA of 7.83. Player Of The Game: So many heroes, but it has to be Noah Lowry. Lowry has been extraordinary since the second half, having found some better control and made some adjustments against a league that had adjusted to him. Take away his two starts in hitter friendly Coors Field, the only park he’s given up more than 4 ER in a game, his ERA would be 3.60 for the season.

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