AT&Please – Stop the Madness!

This is the last straw – with the recent name change of SBC Park to AT&T somethingorother, SBC has screwed with the ballpark in San Francisco for the last time. It's time for the Giants brass to take action, and consider some alternatives to the latest blasé corporate monicker.

That Big Brick Building on Third and King – ambiguous, yes. But I think it has a certain “ring” (ha ha) to it.

The Call (to the Bullpen) – Already apropos with Felipe’s overworked bullpen, but especially so if Schmidt and Lowry continue to keep their pitch counts high next season.

Anchor Steam Stadium – Much, much better than Busch, Coors, or Miller, and very appropriate considering the stadium’s pier setting.

Casa de la Gigantes – We already have the uniforms. And I dunno, doesn’t Gigantes sound a lot more menacing than Giants?

Prius Plaza – C’mon, have you seen the number of Priuses in the city lately? Besides, for obvious reasons the Giants couldn’t be associated with the “Mini” Coopers.

The Ballpark at China Basin – No, really! And this might play a factor in luring Yao Ming to play for the Golden State Warriors someday. Or maybe not.

Apple Arena – Steve Jobs, step on up! Up next – Barry Bonds podcasts.

Ghiradelli Diamond – Um, sweet!

Boudin’s Ballyard – Free loaves of bread to fans if the Giants score more than 10 runs in a ballgame. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.

Silicon Stadium – Not to be confused with Silicone Stadium, the future home of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Don Shin eats, breathes, thinks, and bleeds in Orange and Black. Pac Bell Park officially opened on his 25th birthday (the one year he decided to move out of the Bay Area!!!). For the 2000 playoff drive, he dyed his hair orange while studying in Korea. He watched Game 6 of the '02 World Series at a restaurant in LA, and couldn't finish his meal afterwards. Feel free to write him at to commiserate, cheer, and complain.

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