Cove Shots, The Podcast - 11/09/2005 is proud to introduce it's newest feature, a Podcast just for and about the San Francisco Giants!

Welcome to the Podcast, Cove Shots! This is episode #1, published 11/08/2005.

Cove Shots will be a bi-weekly look into the Giants during the offseason. We will report the news and rumors surrounding Giants moves, and analyze any moves they do make. In addition, each episode will talk about a different prospect in the farm system, and feature history tidbits courtesy of Don Shin's column on

If you wish to direct download the Podcast to try it out, right-click the link below (or option-click on a Macintosh) and select 'Save Link To Disk." You should then be able to open the file in your music player such as iTunes. The file is in .mp3 format.

Listen to the Podcast Here.

If you would like to subscribe, the RSS feed for this podcast is at

Coming soon, we hope to have this Podcast listed on iTunes and other Podcasting services

This is our first attempt at podcasting, and errors might happen. If you have any problems, please email us at

We hope you enjoy!

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