Cove Shots, The Podcast - 11/23/2005

Cove Shots, the Podcast returns! It's time to talk about the people that have left the Giants fold and more. Just in time for Thanksgiving, so plug this into your iPod and tune out Uncle Bruno telling the same boring stories for the 18th Thanksgiving in a row!

It's time for episode number two. We tried to fix a few things, so let us know what you think about it!

This week, we discuss the recent Giant losses of Ned Colletti, Scott Eyre, and Brian Dallimore (yes, he left, and his loss might affect the Giants). We'll also talk about the one not-so-obvious guy upon whom the Giants 2006 playoff hopes might be resting.

All that, plus some prospect talk about the top pitcher in the system (now that Cain is in the majors) and a little bit of history, and the one man who was worth two Alous!

Listen to the Podcast Here.

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We hope you enjoy!

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