Cove Shots, The Podcast

Some places you just can't read, at least not until free wireless internet access is available worldwide. But now, you can listen to it! Check out Cove Shots, the podcast hosted by Kevin J. Cunningham, Co-Publisher! is proud to bring you one of it’s newest exclusive features, the Cove Shots podcast! Every couple of weeks, you’ll get commentary and wisdom about the Giants, their moves and the ones they didn’t make, and what really happened. We’ve just started, but now’s the time to get hooked!

Podcast #1 – Getting ready for the Offseason

Podcast #2 – Looking at the losses, and the guy the Giants 2006 season might depend on.

Podcast #3 – Finally! Moves are made and there’s 5 new Giants. But is the team better than at the start of the offseason?

This podcast is ALWAYS free! If you would like to subscribe, the RSS feed for this podcast is at You can also find this podcast listed on the iTunes Music Store for subscription.

We hope you enjoy!

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