Top Five Reasons the Offseason is Going Well

As the Giants' offseason gets closer to an end, let's have a quick review of what happened. Can this be true? Did the Giants really have a good offseason?

Of course not everyone thinks so. However, with my top five reasons why I think the Giants had a darn good offseason compared to the past few years, I hope to change the mind of even the most pessimistic fan.

#5: Lunatic Fringe products have not been selling
Amazingly enough, the popular "Lunatic Fringe" attire have not been selling. There has not even been talks of re-creating this mess of a group of people who are Giants' fans, but are harsh critics of how the Giants' front office works. This itself should be a major accomplishment this offseason.

#4: No more Ned.
A reason behind why fans are more satisfied this offseason is because through the years, they've discovered the reason why the Giants were notorious in signing huge contracts with mediocre players. The answers now lie south in La La Land. Ned Coletti has become the Los Angeles Dodgers' new GM, and Giants' fans are enjoying every moment of it.

#3 No more Edgardo.
Can this be? The Giants erasing their mistakes one by one? When it came to the issue of Edgardo Alfonzo, then the Giants did try to minimize the damage. We acquired Steve Finley from the Anaheim Angels. Finley is nothing to be jumping for joy about after having one of the worst seasons in his career in 2005, but he's better than Alfonzo. It's a swap of contracts, and we did better than what most people thought. Most of us didn't think we could get anything in return from Alfonzo and his big contract, but a fourth veteran outfielder who's notorious on killing the Giants isn't too shabby.

#2 Barry actually wants and can play now!
Not only is Barry Bonds getting better day by day, but he also agreed to play in World Classic Baseball. Critics may say this isn't a good idea because there's a chance of Barry getting injured, but I think more activity is a good sign. Everyone knows that the key to the Giants' success is having a healthy Barry since we decided to build a team that revolves around him.

#1 Matt Morris.
He's not the top of the line, and we do have him for a few years, but front office did what they said they were going to do, right? They went out to get a #2 pitcher to go behind Jason Schmidt. He wasn't the best pitcher available, but he's a well-known pitcher who can get the job done. Asking for more is like asking for too much in life.

Could the Giants' offseason have been more productive? Most certainly, but when can it not be? There can always be improvements, more "if this" and "if that's." However if we look in the big scheme of things and how things were in the past few offseasons, this winter seems like a miracle.

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