This Week in Giants Baseball History

The usual oddities while this abysmal football season never seems to end!

January 23
Only in America, and Only at Candlestick: I couldn’t even make this stuff up – legendary “King of Torts” attorney Melvin Belli sued and won a case against the San Francisco Giants on this date in 1962 on the grounds that his box seat at Candlestick Park was too cold. No word on whether the Giants reached a settlement by offering Belli a parka.

January 24
Yes, He Was a Giant, Too: Ageless wonder and arguably the greatest Braves pitcher ever, Warren Spahn was elected to the Hall of Fame on this date in 1973. The Giants signed the 44-year old veteran pitcher on July 22, 1965, the same day he was released by the New York Mets. Thus it was that Spahn’s final 16 Major League appearances were in orange and black.

January 25
Trash Talking in January: Having won the World Series the previous season, New York Giants manager Bill Terry was confident going into the 1934 season – so much so that when he was asked about the Brooklyn Dodgers, Terry jokingly replied, “is Brooklyn still in the league?” The fired-up Dodgers responded by finishing 21 _ games behind the Giants in 1934.

January 26
Traded for a Trout in Chicago: As a member of the Chicago Cubs, current Giants VP of Player Personnel Dick Tidrow was traded on this day in 1983 with three other players to the cross-town Chicago White Sox in exchange for pitchers Steve Trout and Warren Brusstar.

January 27
From St. Bonny to the Big Apple: Former New York Giants pitcher John Burke was born on this date way back in 1877, in Hazleton PA. The St. Bonaventure grad pitched all fourteen of his Major League innings as a Giant.

January 28
The Jackie Robinsons of the Giants: Monte Irvin and Ford Smith became the first African-American members of the Giants franchise on this date in 1949. Smith never made it to the Majors, but Irvin would eventually make the Hall of Fame.

January 29
First Base Is Yours, Kid: Young, big, and strong, Lance Niekro was considerably smaller on this date in 1979, his DOB. Happy 27th, and best of luck this season, Lance!

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