Bonds to Drop Out of WBC

It is always a tough decision to make when it comes to representing your country or doing what's best for your own health and team. As amazing as he is, Barry Bonds is still human, and the decision he made regarding his withdrawal from Team USA in the WBC did not come about easily.

In his online journal on his official site, Barry Bonds announced that he will not play with Team USA in this year's World Baseball Classic (WBC).

Bonds' decision was a result of many factors. First off, his health will be put in jeopardy. This was the biggest concern not only with San Francisco Giants' fans, but with Bonds' family as well. It was uncertain on whether or not Bonds will be ready to play when March comes along.

However, the good news is that Bonds is training hard during the offseason and is slowly, but surely, getting back to be healthy. Physically, Bonds thinks he is on the way to being the best he can be for 2006.

Bonds did not disregard the WBC as something that was unimportant. As a baseball player, Bonds was excited and eager to represent his country, but he says he owes it to the Giants' organization, and especially to Giants' fans, to be in the best physical shape as he can possibly be when April comes along.

Bonds is currently in the midst of his offseason conditioning. He runs and does weight training six days a week. Bonds says he is satisfied with how things are going with his workouts to this point.

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