This Week in Giants Baseball History

The future is now for the '06 Giants! Their predecessors are below.

February 13
Hey, Didn’t You Play Basketball for the Illini?: Former San Francisco Giants draft pick Frank Williams was born on this date back in 1958, in Seattle WA.  This Frank Williams pitched the first three of six pro seasons as a Giant during 1984-86. 

February 14
Orange and Black Twice in One Day: One of the original San Francisco Giants, first baseman Whitey Lockman was signed away by the Baltimore Orioles on this date in 1959.  It’s Valentine’s Day, so I won’t get into Lockman’s lackluster numbers in ’58.

February 15
More Like a Pinto: Luis Mercedes was born on this date back in 1968, San Pedro de Macoris, Dominican Republic.  Originally an Oriole, Mercedes, had his final 25 Major League at-bats as a Giant in 1993.

February 16
Local Boy Finishes at Home: Former Giant Don Landrum was born on this date back in 1936, in nearby Santa Rosa.  The 8-year veteran finished his career with one season with the Giants 1966.

February 17
Owner of the Most Unfortunate Error in 2004: Former Giants infielder Cody Ransom was born on this date in 1976, in Mesa AZ.  I won’t get into said error here, but man did it ruin my golf game that day.

February 18
Manny in a Pinch: Pinch-hitter extraordinaire Manny Mota was born on this date back in 1938, in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.  While Mota made a name for himself mostly as a pinch-hitter with the Los Angeles Dodgers, he actually began his Major League career with the Giants in 1962. 

February 19
Not Taussing in the Towel: Former original San Francisco Giant Don Taussig was born on this date back in 1932, in New York City NY.  Taussig’s only season in San Francisco produced 10 hits in 50 at-bats in 1958.

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