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So what did the Giants do? Want to meet the prospects? This is the place! Plus, bone up on your draft information here. How right were the Mock Drafts! News on the Pre-Draft Signings! And what's next for the 2006 draftees? It's the 2006 Draft Info Page.


Draft Musings - SFDugout.com's draft expert Kevin J. Cunningham shares his thoughts on how the draft went, going beyond the first pick that everyone is talking about and looking for the sleepers that might make this draft class a real success.


Emmanuel Burriss - Burriss took the time to talk with SFDugout.com after he was picked in the sandwich round by the San Francisco Giants. Although the other first round pick has gotten a lot of press, Burriss has a real chance to excite and move quickly.


The complete rundown of the SF Giants Draft, from Round 1 to 50. The notebooks will be constantly updates with new info and quotes about the players as we get them!

Day 1 Notebook - Updated 6/17/2006!
Day 2 Notebook- Updated 6/17/2006!

SFDugout.com Message board Draft Thread

You don't have to wait until a certain time to ask our experts questions. Log on anytime and ask questions to our draft expert or share your own opinions on the SFDugout.com Forums (Requires Free Registration). Ask questions, celebrate, complain or just learn. Check it out!

SF Giants Draft Preview (Free for all Readers)

SFDugout.com's own Kevin J. Cunningham takes a look at what the Giants will do, why some myths occur about the front office's attitude towards the draft, and previews 5 likely picks at the #10 spot!


First Round and First Sandwich Round
Second Round and Second Sandwich Round
Third Round

Scout.com doesn't just give you one round of mock drafting. Here's the top three rounds, including sanwich picks, predicting where every team will go!

Preseason First Round Mock Draft

From our Scout.com partners comes this early mock first round of the 2006.


Giants Sign 3 Before Draft
3 More Pre-Draft Signings

The news starts before the draft, as the Giants sign some of their 2005 picks, plus some college players who are eligible to be signed before the draft even happens!


Evan Longoria
Long Beach State's next star shortstop talks about his goals for 2006, work ethic, and what current major leaguer he'd compare himself to.

Matt LaPorta
LaPorta is widely regarded as the top power prospect in the country, but is he just a one dimensional player? See what he says about that.

John Shelby (Free Preview)
The second baseman out of Kentucky was a 2nd team All-American in the preseason, and is the son of current Pittsburgh Pirates first base coach and former Oriole & Dodger John Shelby. How does the younger Shelby feel this helps him with his game?

Brandon Morrow (Published May 17)
When it comes to Cal's pride in this year's draft, it's all about velocity. Morrow may have the best velocity on his fastball of any pitcher in this draft. But the scouts are starting to notice something more out of Morrow: a work ethic and a desire to improve. That has him driving up draft boards fast.

Max Scherzer (Published May 27)
Injuries had Scherzer dropping down draft boards quickly earlier this spring, but he's slowly working his way back up boards with a strong fastball slider combo. But is he going to have enough pitchers to become a starter, or is he a power closer in waiting?


Cody Johnson
Finding power in the draft is always a priority, and when it comes to the high schoolers, it may not get easier than with this gulf coast teenager.

Matt Latos
Latos could someday become a good position player, but he knows he could be a great pitcher. He may not make it out of the Top 15 picks in the draft.

Jordan Walden
Walden is the hardest throwing prep player in a year when power pitching is deep in the draft. But will inconsistency drop him down a deep draft board?

David Christensen
Christensen's goal is to become a great five tool player. Considering he throws 90+ MPH from the outfield, runs a 6.69 60 yard dash, and hit a 450'+ home run as a junior, he just might be one of them.

Ryan Jackson
Jackson may not be the ultimate five tool offensive prospect, but you'd be hard pressed to find a better defensive shortstop on the 2006 draft board.

Chris Marrero
The Miami high school senior has always been competitive with his brother, who has twice been selected in the draft before (but remains in college). Might they both be drafted in 2006, or will they both play at the University of Miami as teammates?

Torre Langley
Langley has always been small in stature, but that doesn't mean much when you're squatting behind the plate. His quick delivery to second makes him one of the few catchers worth taking in the shallowest area of the 2006 draft.

Andrew Clark
Clark suffered a horrific injury in 2004, and now has some serious choices to make about his future, with implications not just for him, but his teammates.

Kasey Kiker
Kiker is one of the top left handed preps in the country and also one of the most experienced high school players in the draft. He threw two no-hitters as a freshman, and pitched a save in the gold medal game of the World Youth Championships as a sophomore in Taiwan. What's next?

Dellin Betances
How many 6'9 kids that grow up in Brooklyn don't play basketball? This high school senior stands tall on the mound instead, and it gives him quite the advantage.

Derrick Robinson
Robinson is not only the fastest player in the 2006 draft, but has been speculated to be one of the fastest players ever in high school baseball. Though many think he's a future football player, see what Robinson himself has to say about that speculation.

Robbie Alcombrack (Free Preview)
This young catcher is a defensive wiz and might be committed to Arizona State, but if he's picked in the first 5 rounds, he might just go pro.

Chris Parmalee
The two way prospect from Chino Hills is one of those rare young hitters with a great knowledge of the strike zone, which probably comes from 10 years of pitching.

Hank Conger (Free Preview)
Conger is the top catching high school prospect, a switch hitter with 'Light Tower' power, and the Californian is living up so far to another 'Hammerin' Hank.

Gavin Brooks
Brooks was one of the top prep stars in California before a torn rotator cuff put his senior year in jeopardy. See what Brooks says about his present and future.

Kyle Drabek
Kyle Drabek, son of former major leaguer Doug Drabek, has modest goals. He wants to win a state championship in his senior year of high school, and then get drafted in the top half of the first round of the 2006 draft.

Jerry Sulivan (Free Preview)
For Sullivan, the excitement of the draft dimmed after an MRI revealed the need for Tommy John surgery. But even after the surgery, the kid with a mid-nineties fastball still has hopes for the draft and rehab.

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