Hot Prospect Rankings - 4/7/06

The minor league season is just barely under way, so who are the prospects doing well, and who should you be keeping an eye on?

1 Merkin Valdez The top prospect on our list is still the hot topic after an impressive big league camp, despite not appearing in Game 1 of the season.
2 Nate Schierholtz Worried about how he'll hit in AA? How does a home run in his first at bat sound?
3 Marcus Sanders The questions remain; Is he a second baseman or a shortstop? Is his shoulder healthy? Well, he played Opening Day at short and hit a game tying double. And stole a base. Not a bad start.
4 Kevin Frandsen He had an 0-fer on Opening Day, but his spring training has Giants fans noticing him.
5 Fred Lewis He only took one of the top pitching prospects still in the minors deep after drawing a walk off of him in his first at bat.
6 Brian Horwitz He may not project well, but all this kid does is hit. He's going after his third batting title in three years in three different leagues, and starts by going 4 for 5.
7 Travis Ishikawa While he didn't have the splashy debut at AA that Schierholtz did, he did go 2 for 4, which is a nice start.
8 Eddy Martinez-Esteve He had 1 hit in 4 at bats, a double, but the bigger story is him playing in left despite being in a park he could DH at. A defensive commitment is a big deal from him.
9 Dan Griffin He's starting the season at the lowest full-season level, but he could give Augusta it's second strikeout champ in two years.
10 Jonathan Sanchez The reigning SAL strikeout king skipped San Jose and is in AA...did he move too fast? We'll know soon!
11 Chris Begg That 7 inning, 1 run performance is tempered by the fact this is his third year in AA, and he's been very good the other two.
12 Sergio Romo The top starter at S-K was relieving in Augusta, but he shut down Charleston and helped get a win.
13 Justin Knoedler He got put in AA for playing time, but between him (2 for 4 with a double on opening day) and Eliezer Alfonzo, the Giants finally have choices with catchers in the minors.
14 Erick Threets What, he's still around? He walked 1 in 2 innings at AA, but no strikeouts. But, no runs, and that's what matters.
15 Todd Linden He's just plain hot. Hot about going back to AAA, and hot at the umpires, getting ejected arguing a strike call on opening day.

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