Series Preview: Giants vs. Dodgers

After one full day of sunshine and a doubleheader, the Giants make their way south to LA to face their long-time rivals. As rain is threatening again in the Bay Area, the Giants hope the drops won't follow them to Chavez Ravine.

Game #1: Jamey Wright (1-0, 5.14) vs. Brad Penny (2-0, 1.50)
In the series opener, Jamey Wright make the start against Brad Penny. The Dodgers' lineup has hit Wright well. Bill Mueller is 8-26 with a double and J.D. Drew is 6-17. Jeff Kent has faced Wright the most, going 8-31 with two doubles and a jack.

Penny will look to continue his strong season. Steve Finley has the most at-bats against Penny, going 6-22 with a roundtripper. Moises Alou and Barry Bonds also have good numbers against Penny. Alou is 6-15 with a double, and Bonds is 5-11 with three jacks. Omar Vizquel also has four hits in eleven at-bats with a double.

The Edge: Dodgers
Wright does boast an outstanding 3.35 ERA at Chavez Ravine in ten games. The Dodgers have also just hit .215 against Wright, but this season is an almost all new Dodger lineup. Penny is having an outstanding season with two wins already under his belt. His only problem, like most pitchers, is how to pitch to Bonds, who has already teed off on him three times.

Game #2: Jason Schmidt (0-1, 5.79) vs. Odalis Perez (1-0, 8.64)
Schmidt will be looking for his first win this season. The Giants' ace needs to return back to form if the Giants want to contend this season. Hopefully facing the arch rivals will get Schmidt going. He has always done well against the Dodgers. Kent has seen Schmidt the most, going 5-26 with a double. J.D. Drew is hitting .125 against Schmidt with a double and a triple. Cesar Izturis may get the start over Rafael Furcal because Izturis is 7-23 with one homerun against Schmidt, and Furcal is only hitting .250 against Schmidt.

If Bonds is looking to hit his first jack of the season, it might be in this series. He has four homers against Perez and two doubles in 28 at-bats. Alou is 6-16 with a double, but Pedro Feliz is only 3-23 with five strikeouts.

The Edge: Tie
Schmidt will be looking to pitch like himself against the team that he does best against. However, he's not the only pitcher who has pitched well against his opposing team. Perez has also had a grim history with the Giants. This will either be the pitching match-up of the season so far, or it will be a hitting contest.

Game #3: Kevin Correia (0-0, 6.75) vs. Jae Seo (0-0, 9.00)
Correia will make his first start this season in place of the injured Noah Lowry. Correia has made a few appearances before this start, but has not done well coming out of the bullpen. He has only faced two Dodgers in his young career. Izturis is 4-7 and Furcal is 1-5 against Correia. Neither player has an extra base hit against Correia.

Seo has only faced six Giants in his career. Finley is 0-6 and Alou is 2-6 with one jack against Seo. Randy Winn is 2-4 with two doubles. Vizqule, Jose Vizcaino and Mike Matheny have faced Seo twice. Only Vizcaino has one hit.

The Edge: Tie
Neither Correia or Seo has had a win this season. Correia is making a spot start, and Seo has an already bloated ERA. If anything, this game will be predicted to be high scoring.

Closing it Out: Tim Worrell (3, 2.25) vs. Danys Baez (2, 0.00)
Although Armando Benitez is officially the Giants' closer, Tim Worrell has done an excellent job thus far into the season. If the job goes to him for closing, then he better hope Kenny Lofton isn't hitting, because Lofton is hitting .308 against Worrell. However, Kent is 1-11, the one hit being a homer, and Furcal is 2-9. If Benitez pitches, then his numbers fare just a little better. Nomar Garciaparra is 1-11 and both Ricky Ledee and Furcal are 1-9. However, Kent is 3-5 with two jacks against Benitez.

Eric Gagne is injured again. Taking over his spot will be Danys Baez, who have only faced eight Giants in his career. Besides Ray Durham and Winn, all other Giants have not faced Baez more than twice. Durham is 6-13 with two doubles, and Winn is 4-11. Finley also has a double against Baez.

The Edge: Giants
Baez has done well in taking over for Gagne, but he still isn't a Gagne. Worrell can arguably be better than Benitez. The Dodgers' pitching staff is struggling, and the Giants' bullpen needs help as well, but Worrell has been a bright spot, stepping it up once again for the Giants to pitch in an important role.

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