Series Preview: Giants vs. Dbacks

The Giants have been playing lots of small ball so far this season. The big bats have kept quiet, but the newly named Chase Field is still the known BOB, and everyone knows that balls fly into the stands at the BOB.

Game #1: Jeff Fassero (1-0, 6.23) vs. Miguel Batista (1-0, 2.84)
The series opener will be a game of the bullpen for the Giants. However, picking Fassero to start against the Dbacks may not be just a coincidence. Luis Gonzalez, the Dbacks' slugger, is only 5-30 against Fassero with two doubles. Damion Easley is 4-23 with one double, but Shawn Green has fared better, going 6-21 with a double and a jack.

Batista has been doing well so far this season, and his success runs through the Giants' lineup. However, Barry Bonds is 7-24 against Batista with two doubles and four homeruns. Steve Finley is also 3-9. Moises Alou is 2-16 with one jack, and Omar Vizquel is 2-11. Ray Durham is slowly coming out of his slump, but his career numbers against Batista are against him. He is 1-10, but the one hit is a homer.

Game #2: Matt Morris (2-0, 2.57) vs. Russ Ortiz (0-2, 6.10)
Morris is another pitcher that Gonzalez hasn't done well against. However, Morris has been pitching superbly this season, no matter who he faced. Shawn Green has the best numbers against Morris, going 6-14 with two doubles and a jack.

Former Giant Ortiz gets the ball in the second game of the series. Finley is 15-36 with three doubles and one roundtripper. Mike Matheny is 5-17 with one homer, and Bonds is 3-6 and took Ortiz to the fence two times. Alou is only 2-15, Pedro Feliz is 1-12 and Randy Winn is 3-11.

Game #3: Matt Cain (0-1, 5.73) vs. Brandon Webb (1-0, 2.14)
The third game of the series will bring about two young arms. One is a struggling rookie who has potential for greatness, and another is an upcoming ace who's gradually getting more and more comfortable in the number one spot. We haven't seen the Cain that was pitching lights out last season, but hopefully the numbers against the current Dback's lineup will give him confidence. No Dback has more than one hit against him, and he has held Gonzalez and Green, two of Arizona's top hitters, to just a single each.

Webb has been pitching well this season. Durham has the most at-bats against Webb, going 9-27 with two doubles and three roundtrippers. Alou is 8-14 with a double and a homer, but Vizquel is only 4-18 and Feliz only 3-17, both with a double. Webb has walked Bonds 13 times, but Bonds has only had one hit in six official at-bats against Webb.

Game #4: Jamey Wright (2-0, 3.00) vs. Claudio Vargas (1-1, 4.82)
Wright pitched a fantastic game in the series opener at Los Angeles. However, now he'll have to pitch at a ballpark where he didn't have as much success before. Wright will have to face players who have good numbers on him. Green is 8-24 with two doubles and two homeruns, and Gonzalez is 6-21 with a double and a homer. Chad Tracy also has one homerun and is hitting .385 against Wright, and Craig Counsell is 5-10 with a double.

Vargas has not faced the Giants too many times. Alou and Feliz have the most at-bats against Vargas at ten. Alou has five hits including one homerun, and Feliz has three hits with two doubles. Winn is 5-9 with a double and three jacks and Vizquel has three hits in eight at-bats. Finley is 0-7 against Vargas.

Closing it Out: Tim Worrell (5, 1.52) vs. Jose Valverde (2, 0.00)
If Tim Worrell continues excelling at the closer level, then the Giants might have a very expensive reliever left in Armando Benitez when he returns. Worrell will be facing a club he spent last season with. The only Dback that has done well against Worrell is Green, who has six hits in 18 at-bats with four doubles and one jack. Gonzalez is only 5-19 with three doubles, and Counsell is only 2-14.

Feliz is the only Giant who has good numbers against Valverde. Feliz also has the most at-bats against Valverde at nine at-bats. Feliz has three hits with one double. Alou is 1-7, and Vizquel and Durham are 0-4. The only other Giant who has a hit against Valverde is Mark Sweeney, who has a double.

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