Fed Up

According to a report by CNN, the Feds are investigating Barry Bonds for perjury. By singling out Bonds, and not looking into whether other big name athletes who may have lied under oath about steroid use, is further proof that this probe is nothing more than a witch hunt.

The Feds are investigating Bonds for perjury. Wow! That's almost as shocking as hearing that Ken Griffey Jr. is hurt again. First, several books come out detailing Bonds' alleged steroid use. Then Major League Baseball announces that they are launching an investigation into possible steroid use by Barry Bonds. Bud Selig wants us to believe that this investigation isn't solely about one player, but if that is the case, then why did he specifically mention the book, "Game of Shadows?" On top of that, why did he mention Bonds' personal trainer and longtime friend, Greg Anderson, in his press conference when he announced that he was launching a league wide probe into steroid use by Major League players over the past decade? Selig has known about steroid suspicions in baseball for years and has done nothing to rectify this problem. Yet, when a few books detailing the alleged steroid use by Bonds come out on the eve of the season that Bonds is going to pass Babe Ruth on the all-time homerun list, Selig just now decides to do something he should have done a long time ago? This investigation isn't about looking into any and all players who may have taken steroids. It's all about Bonds.

Now we learn that the federal government wants a piece of the action. What's next? Are they going to give him a ticket for crossing the street on his way to the ballpark? Hey, if a cop can give an 82-year old woman a ticket for taking too long to cross the street, what's to stop them from writing up Bonds? Bonds might as well don a witch's outfit and parade around with a broomstick wherever he goes this season. This whole charade is getting ridiculous! How can the government be investigating Bonds for perjury and not Rafeal Palmeiro? Wasn't it Palmeiro who sat in front of congress last March and told them that he had never taken steroids, only to fail a drug test a few months later? That's right, the government did launch a perjury probe against Palmeiro for about all of five minutes before they decided that there wasn't enough evidence to bring perjury charges against him. If there isn't enough evidence to convict Palmeiro, who failed a drug test, how can the feds have enough evidence to go after Bonds, who by all accounts has never failed a drug test?

The Feds seem to think that they will be able to put a strong case together against Bonds, but what do they really have to go on? According to various reports, the Feds have drug vials with Bonds' initials on them, along with calendars detailing the steroids that Bonds was supposed to take on certain days. Supposedly, the Feds obtained this evidence when they raided the Balco laboratories almost three years ago, which means they had this evidence when Bonds testified in front of the grand jury in December 2003. If the Feds had all this evidence against Bonds, why didn't they pursue perjury charges after he testified in front of the grand jury? Why are they going after him now, almost three years after the fact?

According to CNN, the Feds began investigating perjury charges against Bonds a month ago. What a coincidence, that's exactly when these new books detailing Bonds alleged steroid use hit bookshelves across the country. What new evidence is in these books that the Feds didn't know about already? The testimony from his ex-mistress Kimberly Bell who is upset because Bonds never gave her the $100,000 dollars for a new house that he supposedly promised her? Don't you think it's possible that this woman has an axe to grind? This is the same mistress who wrote a book last year saying that she actually saw Bonds take steroids on several occasions, only to go on national television and tell Geraldo Rivera that she never actually saw him take steroids, but only heard him talk about using them. It's just someone who goes on the Geraldo Rivera show to talk about her relationship with Bonds and to promote her book. Now there is a credible witness!

If Bell doesn't give the government enough ammunition to throw the book at Bonds, they can always call Greg Anderson and Victor Conte to the stand. Aren't these the same two guys who recently served prison time after pleading guilty to supplying many big name athletes with illegal performance enhancing drugs? Yep. These are two fine upstanding citizens, with the rap sheet to prove it. So tell me again, why we should believe any words that come from the mouths of these two men? What reason would they have to lie ‘right?

To put the final nail in Bonds coffin the government has subpoenaed his personal surgeon Dr. Arthur Ting to testify in front of the grand jury. There isn't a more credible witness than a doctor. They always tell the truth. Just ask James Short, a well respected doctor from North Carolina, who despite evidence to the contrary told a grand jury that he never supplied steroids to NFL football players. He'll give you a straight answer. Do the feds really expect that Ting will take the stand and tell them all the dirt he may have on Bonds? I am sure he is itching to sit in front of the grand jury and say, "While I rubbed the Cream and the Clear on his knees after surgery, I saw Greg Anderson inject him full of steroids." If the government believes that Ting is going to tell the grand jury anything that may implicate Bonds, then they are seriously delusional.

The funniest part about this whole thing is that the Feds are throwing their weight around as if to say, "We are going to get you Barry. No matter what it takes." Are we going to trust the government to put an end to this mess? Those geniuses can't even balance the budget. What reason is there to believe that the government will conduct a fair and balanced investigation in this case? How do we know that the evidence that Feds have is legit, and they aren't just out to make an example out of Bonds? These guys can't be trusted. They are politicians. These idiots would look their mother in the eye and lie to them without giving it a second thought if it served their purpose.

Think whatever you want about Bonds. Whether you think he is guilty or innocent, love him or hate him, that is not the issue here. The issue is what the Feds are doing to Bonds. By specifically targeting Bonds for a possible perjury charge and not investigating the likes of Palmeiro, McGwire, Sosa, and other athletes who may have lied about taking steroids under oath wreaks of discrimination. Going after Bonds because he is chasing the home run record while a lot of other big name athletes get a free pass is flat out wrong! This investigation isn't about penalizing Bonds for a crime that he may have committed. It's about punishing one man for the sins of many in baseball over the past decade.

I am a life long Giants fan, who bleeds orange and black. I'm not afraid speak my mind and express my opinion. Whether you agree or disagree with what I have to say, feel free to write me and let me know what you think at erikegan@yahoo.com

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