Hot Prospect Rankings - 4/21/06

The Giants don't have any home run leaders (yet), but two players lead their league in doubles, and they move up towards the top of the rankings. But will that hot left handed pitcher in AA with 23 strikeouts in 16.1 innings get the top spot on the rankings?

Name (Previous Rank)
1 Eddy Martinez-Esteve (3) He's gotten a hit in every game the Defenders have played. He's 2nd in the circuit in batting average, and leads the league in doubles. And he still has more walks (6) than K's (5)
2 Jonathan Sanchez (9) A 0.55 ERA and a 2-1 record make the kid look good, but it's the amazing 23 strikeouts against just 5 walks that has people really talking
3 Kevin Frandsen (11) A good week has him back up near the top of the rankings. Like EME, he leads his league in doubles, and has set the table for Fresno's offense, when it's shown up.
4 Dan Griffin (1) Griffin's still gone only 12 innings between 3 starts, and allowed 13 hits, but has also given up just 1 earned run and has 15 K's against 5 walks
5 Chris Begg (5) Begg isn't the most dominating guy, but he's consistently been that damned good at AA when is he going to Fresno?
6 Travis Ishikawa (10) Travis didn't really get many chances to show what he could do this week, but that's 'cause he was in the bigs! The cup of coffee did catch attention of Giants fans regarding who's next.
7 Brian Horwitz (2) What hurts Horwitz is that we've come to expect him just hitting this well, so it's no surprise. After all, he's only fifth in the Cal League with a .400 BA. He did get his first home run of the year, though.
8 Brian Wilson (7) Wilson got a save opportunity, and though he allowed his first earned run of the year, picked it up. With a 1.42 ERA, it looks like there's a closer battle in Fresno. Too bad there's so few games worth closing.
9 Nate Schierholtz (4) Nate's not hitting badly per say, with a .304 average. And his K/BB ratio is much improved. But only 3 extra base hits are not helping him distinguish himself at all.
10 Nick Pereira (6) Pereira may be the biggest surprise toc omeout of San Jose. He won his 2nd start, giving up 2 runs but also has 12 K's against 4 walks. and a rotation low ERA.
11 Joseph Martinez (NR) He's not rated highly because of his age, but with 18 strikeouts against 2 walks in 17.2 innings, it's hard to not notice him having a good season.
12 Pat Misch (NR) Misch is just another cog in the Connecticut rotation, but he's also shown signs that his spectacular control is back and is ready for a second chance in AAA.
13 Dan Ortmeier (NR) With Linden out of the lineup, Ortmeier has stepped up for the team RBI lead in a lackluster year so far, but he needs help in this lineup. Playing CF everyday helps his value, too.
14 Merkin Valdez (8) Valdez's ERA is still low, but he's blown a save and has not been dominating at all. 6 hits and 5 walks in 6.2 innings isn't how to get it done.
15 Fred Lewis (12) Lewis finally got back into the lineup on Thursday, with 4 walks and a strikeout, but it remains to see if he can truly pick up where he left off from a hot start.

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