Series Preview: Dbacks vs. Giants

The Giants are slipping from their early season surge, and the Dbacks have claimed first in the West. The Giants will try to change that in the upcoming three game series against Arizona. Last time these two teams met, the games were crazy, and the result was split. There will be no splitting the series this time around.

Game #1: Miguel Batista (2-0, 5.16) vs. Jason Schmidt (0-2, 5.33)
Batista will make the start for Arizona for the first game of the series. Barry Bonds is 8-26 with two doubles, four jacks and eight walks. The hot hitting Moises Alou is only 2-18 with a homerun and Omar Vizquel is just 4-15. Ray Durham is also just 1-12, with the one hit being a roundtripper, and Pedro Feliz has only three hits in 11 at-bats with a triple. Randy Winn has the best numbers, going 7-11 with two doubles, a triple and a homer.

Schmidt is still looking for his first win this season. Since his start was skipped for the series finale against New York, he will get the start against Arizona. Luis Gonzalez is 21-80 with four doubles, three homeruns and 15 strikeouts against Schmidt, and Craig Consell is just 9-50 with two doubles and one jack. However, Shawn Green has done very well against Schmidt in his career, going 16-36 with five doubles, one triple and three homers. Chris Synder is only 2-13, but Chad Tracy, who's hurt the Giants time and again, is 8-24 with four doubles and one jack.

Game #2: Juan Cruz (0-0, 3.00) vs. Brad Hennessey (2-0, 2.70)
Cruz will be making a spot start for the Dbacks, and with good reason. Mike Matheny is just 1-9 with two strikeouts against Cruz, and Steve Finley is 2-8, but the two hits are four-baggers. Alou and Feliz are only 0-3. Jose Vizcaino is 3-7 with one double, and Mark Sweeney is 2-3.

Hennessey continued to impressed in his starts so far this season. The sophomore has limited experience against Arizona. Counsell is 2-6 against him, and both Damion Easley and Tracy are 2-4. Gonzalez and Green are 0-3.

Game #3: Brandon Webb (3-0, 2.21) vs. Matt Cain (1-2, 5.48)
Webb pitched well against his first start against the Giants this season, and he has done well in his other starts. Durham is 10-30 with two doubles and three jacks against Webb, but Vizquel is only 5-22 with a double and Feliz is just 4-20 with a double and six strikeouts. However, Alou and Winn have good numbers against Webb. Alou has nine hits in 17 at-bats with a double and two roundtrippers, and Winn is 6-12 with a triple.

In Cain's last start, he was definitely showing signs of coming back around. He has done well against the Dbacks in the past. Gonzalez is 2-8 with a triple, and Tracy is 2-7 with a double and a homerun. Green is only 1-6 against Cain, and Counsell is 2-6.

Closing it Out: Jose Valverde (5, 3.24) vs. Armando Benitez (1, 0.00)
Valverde's presence in Arizona's bullpen has improved the relieving pitching as a whole. He has put up good numbers this season. Feliz is 3-9 with a double against Valverde, but Alou is just 1-7, Vizquel is 0-4, Matheny is 1-4 and Durham is 0-4. Sweeney is 2-4 with a double.

Benitez pitched two innings in his last appearance in the series finale against the Mets, and threw over 40 pitches. The good news is that Benitez located most of his pitches well and didn't give up any runs. Against Arizona, he's done well. Green is 0-7, Tony Clark is 1-6 with one jack and five strikeouts and Johnny Estrada is 1-5.

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